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Paul Masterson talks Toyah and 'Fallen' on The Phil Marriott Show.

Phil Marriott: It's a very exciting time for you, because you're about to unleash this big beast called 'Fallen', which of course is your collaboration with Toyah.

Paul Masterson: Yeah, indeed, absolutely. Well I've been an absolutely massive fan. I remember buying Toyah's records when I was still living in Belfast, like '81, '82, '83, and it was one of those artists I've always had my eye on to write a song with, and a few months ago I sent her an instrumental piece and she absolutely loved it, and then we got together in the studio about a month or so ago and we recorded the vocals. I've just spent a few weeks mixing it, and it's all finished and ready to go, pretty much.

Phil: It's amazing. I heard it for the first time yesterday and I was very excited about it. So much so that I wanted to play it last night but I knew that you were coming on tonight. This must be quite a surreal thing for you, obviously I'm a massive fan of hers as well and you have been working with her. Was that quite daunting for you, because it's a big thing isn't it?

Paul: Absolutely yeah. As I say we hadn't actually met until the day of recording the vocals. We spoke on email and we recorded the vocals down at Dave Pemberton's studio in Essex. It was a great day. Very, very relaxed. It was a bit nervous at first, obviously meeting Toyah but it was a very good day. It took about three hours and all done, pretty much, in one take. Great day all round really.

Phil: She's one of the loveliest women as well. I've been lucky enough to meet her quite a few times and she's been on this show a few times. She's such a good laugh too.

Paul: So, so down to earth. You maybe think you know how are people going to be. Are they going to be a little reserved? But she was so, so reserved, so down to earth. I was very pleased about that.

Phil: I have to say this new track. It seems like the perfect combination as well. It’s not the first time she's experimented with dance, obviously she had the album 'Dreamchild' which came out in the 90's. Also she worked with Tim from Utah Saints. Did this seem like a natural thing to you, to get Toyah's vocal on it? I think it really suits the music.

Paul: Sure. It started out as an instrumental piece, slightly more poppy, trancey sound. I thought that was a really good benchmark for her to write a vocal, and when we recorded the vocals it just gelled really, really well. It was just a very natural progression in total.

Phil: It sounds like you both had similar views on how the track should sound?

Paul: Exactly, yeah. We wanted to make it slightly different, and maybe not like your average dance track. So what we've put into the track, it still stands out in clubland today but, hopefully, has got a little bit of an edge that'll make it stand out amongst other tracks.

Phil: I spoke to Craig who works alongside Toyah and I said the first time I heard it, I love the fact that it sounds slightly different. It's not kind of verse, chorus, verse, it's very unusual for a dance track.

Paul: Yeah, well, that's the thing. I think it's always good to maybe try and do something that isn't your normal, average way of working, because then I think you don't really get bunched in with everybody else. It's always just good to try something a little bit different but still within the realms of club music, which hopefully everyone will still be able to play.

Phil: Yeah. Definitely! Before you introduce it, thank you very much for coming on the show. Hopefully it won't be the last time. Maybe you could come in to Gaydar Towers?

Paul: I'd love to come in. Absolutely. Any time Phil.

Phil: So the best bit, Paul. Where I ask you to introduce your track with Toyah, if you could do the honours.

Paul: Here is the first, and exclusive play, of the new single from Yomanda, and it's featuring Toyah Willcox, and the track's called 'Fallen'.

Phil: Brilliant, thanks a lot Paul.

Paul: Thanks very much Phil. All the best now.

The Phil Marriott Show | Gaydar Radio | 11.08.2011