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Ophelia’s Shadow: Happy 21st!

October 20th, 2012

When this album was released in 1991 I bought it immediately of course – it had been three long years since ‘Prostitute’ – but my music tastes had changed radically through the mid-80s to the early-90s: Mudhoney, My Bloody Valentine, Nirvana, Fugazi, Big Black, Ministry, Ride, The Smiths, The Wedding Present were just some of my favourite bands, but I still had a real soft spot for Toyah, being a loyal fan since 1980, and always bought everything she released and still followed her eclectic career… ‘Ophelia’s Shadow’ was an album that took a while to grow on me – something like 10 years! I didn’t really appreciate it’s brilliance immediately, it took until around 2000 for that to happen – Over the last few years it’s become one of my favourite Toyah albums and over the last year I’ve listened to it more than ever. Happy 21st birthday!

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