Touring Toyah's A Real Calamity

Toyah Willcox is to be the focus of a new Louis Theroux documentary about the Here And Now national tour which Adam Ant is headlining. 

It also features stars like the lovely Belinda Carlisle, Howard Jones, ABC, Bananarama, Heaven 17 and heaps more great 80's acts. 

When I spoke to fabulous Toyah the other day she exclusively told me she has taken the lead role in Calamity Jane (originally played by Doris Day) for a West End run and a nationwide tour. 

She is also fronting a BBC documentary about life-drawing (that's when you draw people who are in the buff). The former raunchy punkette pop star draws naked blokes and girlies, and she says she particularly enjoys drawing the boy's wobbly bits. 

She told me that at her age she hates being photographed at media events because the snappers only want young babes. 

My God Toyah, you are only 43. Anyone would think you were 73 the way you're talking.

She was very funny when I told her I had seen her mum and dad on the Esther show spilling all the beans about her love of Alice Cooper and all the posters of him she used to have on her bedroom wall. 

She said they rang her after the show had been recorded, saying: "Guess where we've been?" 

She was mortified when she saw it on air - and she revealed: "I own mum and dad's house, so I've told them next time they embarrass me on national TV, they are out on the street." 

Toyah is great fun and I can't wait to see her as part of the Here And Now tour and on stage in Calamity Jane around September. 

You know what, Toyah? Even though they got rid of you, me and the multi talented kate Thornton from VH1 (on Sky and cable), I bet they regret it now - well, maybe in Toyah's case they do.

Daily Star
15th March 2002