Toyah Sings The Blues

Toyah, the band and Ms Willcox, bundle into frantic activity this month with a series of new musical moves fanfared by her premier on May 1 at the Screen On The Hill in Jubilee creator Derek Jarman's film version of Shakespeare's The Tempest, playing the leading lady, Miranda.

In mid-May there's the first fruit of their recent studio session with the release of a single called 'Ieya' backed with 'Helium Song (Spaced Walking)' in both 7" and 12" versions (the 12" running for eight minutes and featuring different versions of the songs).

Both tracks are from her first LP 'proper' (the 'Sheep Farming In Barnet' album having been a German import compilation), though they apparently emerge on that in yet another different version. The LP is called 'The Blue Meaning' and it's out at the end of May.

April 1980