Toyah Willcox reveals comedy streak 

She's already gained fame for her singing and acting talents, and now Toyah Willcox is venturing into the world of comedy.  

Currently rehearsing for The Best Of The 1980s nostalgia tour in October, Toyah is also planning a one-woman stand-up show to tour next year. 

She tells Teletext: "The show is humorous, it's irreverent and it's naughty. It's certainly not for the over-60s." 

In addition to her own material, Toyah says her new stand-up show will include extracts from musicals she has appeared in such as Calamity Jane. 

She also hopes to perform some of her late '70s and early '80s rock songs to raw musical accompaniment. 

"It's in the workshop stage at the moment and I'm working on a musical accompaniment," she says. "I'd love to perform with just a harp player." 

Toyah is busy preparing the set for October's tour with Nick Heyward, Altered Images and Curiosity Killed the Cat. The '80s tour kicks off at Kings Lynn's Corn Exchange on October 6, before moving on around the UK. 

"It will be a 40-minute set with predominantly Toyah material but I want to add two influential anthems from the 1980s," she tells Teletext. "It's very high energy and I want the whole audience to feel involved." 

She is also busy writing several books: "I'm writing two books and one of them is a diary. I can't tell you the subject matter of the other because it will outrage people.  

"It's something that's on everyone's mind and in the newspapers. I've written it because I think it's hilariously funny but everyone who's read it thinks it's challenging." 

Toyah says since releasing her autobiography in 2000, she's had the busiest four years of her life. 

"Maybe it's time to update my career," she tells Teletext. "I always aimed at having this renaissance and here it is. 

"It can be dirty work. The way things work in this country you can just go round and round in circles. But I've got plenty of ideas left." 
The singer found fame once again when she appeared on I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here. And she says she'd love to do another reality TV show. 

"I wouldn't go into the jungle again but I'd love to do something like Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Hell," she says. "I like reality TV because it's so entertaining. 

"But I wouldn't do a reality show to try and get my name back in the papers. I'm happy with my profile as it is." 

ITV1 Teletext
May 2004