Toyah's Wedding

A-ha! Caught her! It's Toyah Willcox (punky-type songstress who hasn't made a record for a long time) trying to escape from the sight of the all seeing, all knowing Bitz! (Can't say I blame her - Ed.) And she's just got herself "hitched" to that bloke behind her, Robert Fripp, creator of '60s cult 
group King Crimson and that's why she's wearing this floaty frock. 

The wedding took place on May 16 in Witchampton, Dorset, where Bitz just happened to be having a picnic on the village green, and so swift was the ceremony (attended only by family and a few pals) - there wasn't even the chance to get so much as an "Excuse me - get out of my way please" from either of them. Never mind, though, the vicar was such a nice man. According to him: "Robert is a very interesting person indeed, very likeable and very genuine. And so is Toyah." Phew!

Smash Hits, 1986