Whether you like her or loathe her you just can't ignore Toyah, back in the charts with her single Be Proud, Be Loud, (Be Heard). In fact, she topped this year's Rock and Pop 
Awards as Best Female Singer - gaining more votes (39%) than any other performer ever. 

When she first broke onto the music scene her outrageous image earned her the nickname 'the princess of punk'. "I suppose my stage act could be rather aggressive and I do look a bit evil." she says. 

Toyah is not only a talented singer with hits like Thunder In The Mountains and It's A Mystery, she's also a very highly rated actress with numerous appearances on stage and screen behind her. She studied drama for a year in Birmingham but was told she didn't stand a chance of getting anywhere because she looked so weird! 

'Weird'? They didn't know the half of it! In her early days Toyah, who changes her hair colour as often as normal people change their socks, used to sleep in a made-to-measure coffin! Says Toyah. "My parents have always thought I'm a bit strange, but I just like to be different." 

And different she most certainly is!

Look In, 1982