Personal File

Full Name : Toyah Ann Willcox 

Date of Birth : 18.5.58 

Height : 4' 1" 

Real Colour Hair : Black 

Do You Think That You're A Good Actress? 
Not a good actress, no, not yet. I'm still very much a beginner, and I know I've got a lot still to learn. The actors I most admire are Martin Sheen, Greta Scaachi, Miranda Richardson and Billie Whitelaw. 

How Come You Get Asked To Do So Many Nude Scenes? 
I've only ever done two! I had to take my clothes off in The Tempest and The Ebony Tower, but in Jubilee I was about the only person  in the whole film who kept their clothes on - I was quite proud of that. I don't really like doing nude scenes unless I absolutely have to and, I don't like the fact that I don't like doing them - it's an old inhibition I'm trying to fight. 

Are You A feminist? 
Yes, but by my definition and not by anyone else's. I'm not a traditional feminist. To me, the real meaning of feminism is to be as unlike a man as possible, which is why I don't think cropping your hair and putting on men's suits is a very 'feminist' thing to do. I think the Madonna is the ultimate feminist because she exploits everything she has to the maximum, so every man 
wants her but no man can have her. 
Are You Surprised That You've Had Another Hit With Your New Record?
Yes, kind of, but it was a very pleasant surprise. I have a very loyal, hardcore of fans, so I knew that I'd have a semi-hit. I didn't feel negative about it, but I wasn't that worried whether it was a big success. If it went Top Ten, then I'd be really surprised. 

When Was The Last Time You Saw A Spirit? 
I know why you're asking me that. Ages ago I met someone from Smash Hits and we discussed things like that but it wasn't spirits, it was martians. There's a cult in California that believes only half the people on this planet are human, and the other half are martians. I was very interested in that theory for a long time, and I'm still sure there's something in it. I think it came about 
through a a group of aliens colonizing earth and mixing with humans. Not all of the martians even know that they aren't humans. If a martian male and a human woman have a child, that child will just grow up believing it's a normal human. Nina Hagen (German Punk shocker) thinks that David Bowie might be one of the aliens, but I'm not so sure.

What's All This About You Being Into Some Weird Religion? 
I studied Black Magic and Satanism when I was younger, and I'm glad I did, because it made me much more aware of the Good as well as the Bad forces and made me appreciate Good things. If I'm anything, I'm a practising Buddhist. 

Do You Think You'll Go To Heaven When You Die?
I don't really believe in Heaven. I think if you lead a good, positive life, you go to another, higher plane. Otherwise you just stay earthbound. 

Do You Still Sleep In A Coffin? 
No I stopped doing that about seven years ago! 

Have You Ever Done Anything You're Ashamed Of? 
Well, kind of. In my early teens I was a street fighting girl. I used to go around in a big gang in Birmingham, and I was very violent. It was a pointless thing to do - I never enjoyed it. 

Are You Still Getting Married? 
I don't really know. I think I'd only get married now if I was having children. 

Do You Want To Have Children?
Genetically yes, but instinctively, I don't feel any need for them atall just now. I think I'll probably have them quite old - the older thebetter actually. I can already see a generation gap appearing between me and a 16-year-old so imagine the difference when you're 40. I think it can be very positive, though, the generation gap. It can keep you young. 

Do You Talk To Your Plants? 
No, but I'm very aware of them. I like being with them, and just checking that they are OK. 

What Would You Call The Smash Hits Fruit Bat? 
Squidgey because that's what goes in them and that's what comes out. 

Smash Hits, 1985