ReviFace is a skincare supplement that helps maintain a healthy, youthful complexion. Singer and actress Toyah Willcox, 44, is a huge fan and swears ReviFace is the reason she still looks so good.

By Vicky Spavin

Toyah Willcox is now at that time of life when the signs of ageing should be well and truly kicking in - but there isn't a wrinkle, grey hair, crow's feet or saggy buttock in sight. For while the former high priestess of punk -who won Best Female Singer in the 1981  British Rock & Pop Awards, and has 13 top 40 singles and 15 albums to her name - has been happy to mature, she's worked hard to push back the years with all her might.

With a few subtle changes to her hair and make-up routine, and a reassessment of her diet and fitness regime, Toyah has managed to turn back the clock.

'When you reach 40, the kind of criticisms you receive are cliched,' explains this veritable female Peter Pan. 'You're meant to be overweight and unattractive, and look a mess. But I say, "Up yours!" For women especially, life begins in your forties. You should feel comfortable and good about yourself because you've got 40 years of experience behind you. And, so far, it's been the best period of my life.'

Maintaining her looks has become more important to Toyah as she's got older. 'I'm very anti-smoking,' she says. 'I don't go anywhere where people are allowed to smoke. It's so damaging. I smoked as a teenager, but only one or two a day. Actually a lot of places nowadays don't cater for smokers. In fact, the only place I have to avoid is the pub - and I haven't had a drink in four years, anyway.

'I only used to have one or two drinks a day, but alcohol is so calorific that I gave up when I began trying to deal with my weight. Drinking can be great fun, but it just wasn't for me.'

ReviFace, on the other hand, is the anti-ageing supplement that, Toyah says, has contributed to the fact that she has the face of someone a decade younger.

'The results were almost immediate, and since I've started taking them, my energy levels are at an all-time high,' she says. 'It also helped my PMT, something I've struggled with in the past. But I've always been open to taking supplements. I have cod liver oil, vitamin E and chromium to help keep me physically fit, and calcium to protect against osteoporosis. my diet is geared to dealing with the effects of growing older.'

You can't help but marvel at how well Toyah looks. And since a recent photo session with former Brookside star Claire Sweeney, in which she was photographed naked, she seems happy to play up to her sexy image.

'I had to oil my bust for those pictures!' Toyah says. 'Goodness knows what the young assistant arranging things behind me could see - but I loved it. My mother hit the roof, and my husband, Robert, was furious when I told him afterwards that I'd just spent the day completely naked with a young photographer!'

It isn't only Toyah's diet and self belief that have evolved over the years. Her hair has got longer, too.

'I do my hair myself,' she admits. 'I haven't had it cut in two years. I just trim the fringe and colour it at home with Shwarzkopf colourants, and I use a hot oil treatment at least once a week.'

Her make-up has become more subtle too. 'I don't really wear any foundation these days, because of my age. At 20, your skin is primed for foundation, but at my age it just cakes on the skin, and I think it makes your wrinkles show up more. I wear a light-reflective moisturiser instead.'

Toyah's face is not her only priority. She has also given her body an overhaul. Currently playing the title role in a touring production of Calamity Jane, she radiates youth and vitality as she reels off her dos and don'ts of dieting.

'When you want something sweet, chew on gum - and don't eat after 7pm. Never have a full fridge, or have food around that you know you can't resist. If it's there, you're just going to be up at 4am eating it. I know - I've ended up doing it loads of times.'

At a time when weight could be creeping on, Toyah is proof that healthy living can keep you looking young - but dieting doesn't always come easily to her.

'My ideal evening would be with a box of chocolates and a bottle of whisky,' she admits. 'I miss the whisky and I do get ravenously hungry, but I worry about things like weight. I'm very diet-concious and, because of my career, I have to be a little bit fanatical about my diet.

'But for the whole of my thirties, I was two stone heavier than I am now. When I hit 40, I thought, "if I don't do something about this now, it's never going to happen." I made a huge effort to get myself back into shape.'

Now fitness plays a huge part in Toyah's life. 'At the moment, I weigh 7st 7lb, and I like it - but I'm only this fit because my role in Calamity Jane is really physical. It's toned me up a lot. The last time I was this toned was in 1983.

'Doing the show is like running a marathon twice a day - plus I do 200 press-ups and 600 sit-ups daily. It's ludicrous! But I just love physicality. It not only makes you feel good, it makes you feel much brighter mentally.'

Although she could sit back on her laurels and let the youngsters fill her shoes in the entertainment industry, Toyah wants to continue performing. She has a single, Little Tears Of Love, coming out this year, and should Calamity Jane make it to London's West End, the 5ft 1in star will happily go with the show.

'I've been on the road for five months and I've got another six to go. But I love doing Calamity Jane. It's my part. I know it was written for Doris Day, but I've reclaimed it.'

Toyah's long-distance marriage to guitarist Robert Fripp, who spends most of his time in America, has helped - not hindered - her career, she maintains. 'We still meet in hotels, and it's nice because we don't have the domestic pressures,' she says. 'It's like being on holiday.

'I didn't get married because I wanted a man to oversee everything I did. When you're in a new relationship, you want to be with that person all the time. And when things in your life aren't going well you need a shoulder to cry on. But I'm grateful that Robert hasn't been around all the time because it has made me more focused.'

Toyah has worked hard to keep herself looking as young and vibrant as possible. From her appearance, obviously it's been worth the effort.

Woman's Own Magazine
13th January 2003