Singer Toyah Willcox's five favourite restaurants 

Pasha, 1 Gloucester Road SW7, Tel: 020 7589 7969.
Tube: Gloucester Road 
My favourite place. I eat there weekly, even if I'm on  tour. It's homely and has the best vegetarian menu I know, with roasted pumpkins, figs and really exotic puddings. 

The Bollo House, 13 Bollo Lane W4, Tel: 020 8994 6037. 
Tube: Chiswick Park 
My local: a trendy gastropub. They do things like onion or Stilton soup, venison, fish: and chips like quartered potatoes. But I go for the ambience. 

Nan King, 332 King Street W6, Tel: 020 8748 7604. 
Tube: Ravenscourt Park 
More expensive than most Chinese restaurants as it's very media, but you can still sit in all night and they won't kick you out. They do my favourite Chinese dessert, which is red bean pancakes -
normally you can only find them in Chinatown. 

Le Shop, 329 King's Road SW3, Tel: 020 7352 3891. 
Tube: Sloane Square 
A creperie with a cult following, it's cheap and cheerful. The staff are unemployed actors, always trying to sell you their latest idea. But the food is fantastic and crepes range from tuna and mozzarella, to baked beans and sour cream. My favourite is cream cheese and ginger. Yum. 

Jasons Restaurant, Bloomfield Road W9, Tel: 020 7286 3428. 
Tube: Warwick Avenue 
A lovely fish restaurant by the canal offering anything from plaice and cod to shark. It's a bit showbizzy, but as a singer the punters don't recognise you. 

Metro, 2003