Exclusive: Toyah's beauty survival tactics! 

There's not a wrinkle to be seen anywhere on Toyah Willcox's face, and the singer and actress, 45, has worked hard to keep her complexion youthful 

Even the experience of being thrown into the Australian rainforest for ITV1's I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! wasn't going to play havoc with the high priestess of punk's strict beauty regime. Before she was helicoptered deep into the jungle for the show, we caught up with Toyah - the celebrity heading Woman's Own's search for the real fce of ReviFace, the UK's leading anti-ageing skin supplement - to discover her top beauty survival tips for looking and feeling good in the world. 

FACE FACTS 'At my age foundation just cakes on the skin and makes your wrinkles show up more, so  Idon't wear any foundation these days. I use a refelctive moisturiser instead.' 

SMOKING 'I'm very anti-smoking, and I don't go anywhere where people are allowed to smoke.' 

DRINK UP 'I avoid alcohol at all costs. Alcohol is so calorific, and I gave it up when I began trying to deal with my weight.' 

SUPPLEMENT YOUR DIET 'I take cod liver oil, vitamin E and chromium supplements to help me stay physically fit. Calcium also protects me against osteoporosis.' 

FOOD FOR THOUGHT 'I get ravenously hungry but I never eat after 7pm, and when I want something sweet I chew on sugar-free gum. I also have no caffeine and virtually no meat in my diet. I'm very diet-concious and love drinking fresh carrot juice.' 

UP FOR IT 'I do 200 press-ups a day and 600 sit-ups. I love physicality. It only aids your health but it makes you feel much brighter mentally.' 

LOOK TO THE FUTURE 'I take ReviFace skincare supplements. My energy levels are at an all-time high since I started taking them. They also help if you strugle with PMT, as I have done in the past.'

HAIR WE GO 'I cut my hair myself and use hot-oil treatments at least once a week to keep it looking good.' 

MAKE TIME FOR YURSELF 'If your life is terribly stressful, it's important to take time to chill out for a little while each day.' 

FEEL GOOD 'For women especially, life really begins at 40. By that time, we've got all those years' experience, so we should feel good about ourselves.'

Woman's Own, 2003