She's Toyah

She's sleek, sophisticated and oh-so-adult. The clothes are high fashion, the hair expensively groomed, the make-up discreet. 

But beneath the elegant image is Toyah - the hell-raising, outrageous,  racous punkette, who turned her motto Be Proud, Be Loud into atop-of-the-pops number. 

Loud and proud she certainly was. Toyah became a rock legend at full blast. 

Now a 26 year old millionaire, she is settled in domestic bliss with guitarist Tom Taylor, but her agent last week denied she was expecting. Has Toyah been tamed?


"I'm still a rebel deep down-I find all rules a bit strange" insists the girl who was an 11 year old Hell's Angel, a classroom rebel, a teenage satanist, and a pop whirlwind who stormed into the Top Twenty as much on her riotous image as on musicalmerit.
But she admits: "I'm in my womanhood now, puberty is over, and I've grown a bit more sensible."
The new Toyah is a model of abstinence. She is now a vegetarian, totally teetotal - "I had my first hangover at nine,"she confesses - works out in the gym at her Victorian house, and bones up on the Classics in her rapidly growing library.
The one addiction she still fights is chocolate: "My craving got much worse after I gave up booze last year."
"I'm grateful to my parents, who believed in letting me learn by my own mistakes. They allowed me to drink and smoke, and my dad's rules were - don't hurt others, don't steal,
don't get pregnant, and don't end up in prison."


Toyah, the school failure, has made a success of serious acting, with some of the most illustrious names in the profession.
Starting at 17 with a starring role in Jubilee, she went on to play opposite Katherine Hepburn in a TV version of The Corn Is Green, played Miranda in the film version of The Tempest and appeared with Lord Olivier in The Ebony Tower.
 Her ambitions are, for Toyah, modest: "I'd like to be the most famous person in the world, do more films, improve my voice, and become a really brilliant actress."
But the old Toyah is still there, under the veneer of restraint Soon to be released in her latest album, Minx. "It's called Minx because that sums me up."


Her favourite track on the album is a raunchy number entitled I'll Serve You Well. "It's about bondage and it's wonderful!" she exclaims.
"It caters to sheer chauvinism, but what I'm really saying is that woman always controls man by exploiting her mystical feminine prowess."
However the real influence is the man in her life. "Tom is wonderful - I really treasure my relationship with him. Mind you we, argue, claw each other, smack cakes in each other's faces, and tie each other up, but we have some great laughs.
"I really despise promiscuity. It's only by staying faithful to one person that you cope with love."

Daily Record, 1985