Why babies are out for me... 

Toyah has no doubts about what would happen if she met her former live in lover Tom Taylor again. 

"He'd punch my face in - I'm sure of it," said the pop superstar. 

For, even 18 months after she split up with the man who shared six years of her life, it's obvious the wounds have not yet healed. 

When Toyah fled to New York, she grew close to top rock guitarist Robert Fripp, and they were later married in a secret ceremony. 

But although a broken-hearted Tom bitterly attacked her in a series of newspaper articles, Toyah holds no grudges. 


"I expected that to happen - and I actually respect the fact that Tom didn't say anything nearly as harmful as he could have," she said. 

"I was difficult to live with, I work so much, have such a fiery temper and also need to be alone a lot of the time. 

"I was to blame in that I was very, very strong and this manwas living in my shadow. Nobody should have to do that." 

And she went on: "I'd told him early in 1985 that I was going to go and live on my own, but he didn't want me to. 

"He wouldn't give me the space I needed - there was too much possessiveness. 

"I feel no grudge towards Tom atall. I haven't seen him since - I couldn't. It's not right and it would be too painful." 


And Toyah was also at pains to put the record straight that their relationship was well and truly over BEFORE her romance with Fripp blossomed. 

"Despite what some people have said, Robert had nothing to do with the split - that happened months before I met him," Toyah told me. 

"He shouldn't have been involved in the cross-over. But Robert was a phenomenal strength to me, even though he didn't involve himself in the politics of it all." 

She also revealed that they had made an incredible "no children" pact when they decided to get married. 

"We've decided that we don't want kids. We didn't have the 'Blessing for the children' vows included in our wedding ceremony," said Toyah. 

"I have absolutely no instincts within me to have a baby. I don't think you should have a child unless you're prepared to devote 15 years of your own life to having that personality created." 


Toyah went on: "I need to be alone so much that I couldn't bear to have someone dependent on me. I'd never have a child and have a nanny look after it - YOU should be there to watch it grow and support it, and I don't think I could. 

"Robert feels exactly the same, and we don't feel connected to the social thing where you HAVE to have children." 

And their marriage is run along unconventional lines. 

Due to their busy work schedules, Toyah and Robert can be together only at weekends. Her work dictates that she spends most of her time in London, while he records in deepest Dorset. 


"We have this agreement that, wherever we are in the world, we ALWAYS see each other at weekends," Toyah said. 

"On weekdays we're on the phone at least four times a day - you should see our bills. 

"I miss him so much, but when we do see each other it's wonderful. I hate being away from him - he's my best friend and there's no-one else I'd rather be with. 

"Of course, I have a community of girlfriends that I like to spend some time with, but I run to Robert whenever I can. 

"We go to the cinema, go driving or sight-seeing, and it's great. 

"We lead a very normal, everyday life. I couldn't ask for much more."

Daily Record, 1987