Toyah Willcox Talks To BMS

Hi Toyah, you're on tour at the moment playing the Devil Queen in Steve Steinman's stage show ‘Vampires Rock' and are due to play the Brighton Centre on Halloween night (of all nights). Can you tell me a little bit about what we can expect to see?

It's a big rock show set in 2030 with fantastic costumes, pyrotechnics and music including Meatloaf, Rainbow, AC/DC, Alice Cooper, The Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Queen, Whitesnake, Bonnie Tyler and Cher - we let the classic rock music tell the story! It's been touring for 6 years and has built up a massive following. It's a vampire-based musical but we don't take ourselves too seriously and you can expect a fun night out.

What kinds of people come to see this show?

We get a lot of different people at the ‘Vampire' gigs: Rock fans, Goths, ‘vampire enthusiasts', as well as people who just enjoy the whole dressing-up thing. Of course it's really a fun show and everyone enjoys themselves. I think this kind of role-play is all fine and healthy - and of course we are all consenting adults.

There is currently a resurgence of interest in vampires, the ‘Twilight' series of books by Stephanie Mayer and the TV Series ‘True Blood' etc. - what do you think is the attraction of vampires?

I think a lot of people find vampires very romantic. There is a great deal of fantasy, escapism and imagination involved, a huge erotic element and I also think people enjoy the sense of empowerment that being in that role brings. Modern life sometimes lacks a spiritual dimension and there is still a need in people for the supernatural.

You are looking very vampish on the cover of your new album, you've played ‘Cruella De Ville' and now your playing the ‘Devil Queen' - do you enjoy these types of roles?

Yes I love these roles - it's great to play the ‘Baddie'! I think the boundaries are much wider and you get to show much wider extremes of your personality. I also love being a ‘Baddie' and keeping the audience in suspense by ‘being nice'.

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Brighton Music Scene
December 2009