Tea With Toyah

We met up with Toyah Willcox (pictured centre)for a virtual Cuppa while she was rehearsing in Estonia. She is a one woman dynamo best known for her outlandish hair and makeup along with her 80's rock hits. She sings, writes, dances and is now enjoying more acting roles including a lead in a new feature film due out this October- Three to Tango.

What is the most unique thing about you?
I believe that we're all unique, yet utterly the same. My uniquest bit is probably my ability to pre-emp a question accurately and infuriatingly before the questioner has finished asking it.

What makes you dance?
I'm a rock singer as well as an actress, so my job keeps me dancing. But virtually anything positive encourages me to dance, it's cheaper than going to the gym and twice as much fun. Dancing cures all ills, frustration, anger, lethargy, writers block and weight gain!

Who do you believe in?
I believe in most things and in most people because I believe that part of the priveledge of being a human being is out ability to believe.

I also believe in my writing partner Bill Rieflin. I believe in my husband Robert Fripp because he is my greatest sounding board whether I choose to belive his answers or not.

Whilst filming Three to Tango I believed my fellow actress's. Our continual feed back was the essence of our group identity, very important and trusting.

What's one small thing we could do to make the world a better place?
Don't tolerate people being negative. Positivity even in the face of adversity helps make the world a better place.

Also one kind act a day from everyone on the planet would radically change our communities.

Kindness is the most gracious act on the planet, especially towards your enemies!

What keeps you awake at night, and what puts you to sleep?
I'm 51, time is running out, Life is now too short to sleep.

I have loathed sleeping all my life, it's a complete waste of my time, but a doctor would probably disagree.

And how I would like to say I have a young lover, one who keeps me awake at night, but that's not my style. Good ideas keep me awake, (and Hubby's snoring) I often get up to write ideas down.

And as for worry and anxiety, well they are sown to my side and come awake around midnight.

What's the riskiest thing you've ever done?
Apart from avoiding sleep, I once did a base jump off a mountain in France from 3000 feet. Very probably the most stupid thing I have ever done in my life.

It was 7am, and no one was around. On the first attempt my parachute folded and I had to gather it up and run towards the edge again. I was with a trainer I had only just me and we fell to earth like a sycamore seed. NEVER AGAIN!

Who do you love?
I love my husband Robert Fripp conditionally, because I am committed to him for life (and that's a vulnerable thing to do). Bill Rieflin I love unconditionally because he lives 6000 miles away in Seattle and I have to keep the bond alive (he's my co-writer) and I love them both to the point of laying down my life for them.
Chris Wong (my fellow band members from VAMPIRES ROCK, a touring show that I do,(but Nikki Millar the Drummer is more lust) and on a more general note I love peoples' talent.

Who do you share your ideas and dreams with?
Robert Fripp, Bill Rieflin and Chris Wong because they never question them, only try and make them tangible and possible.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

What are you going to do today, to make it fun?
I'm in Estonia making an improvised rock album with some of Estonia's renowned musicians. Music, being creative is the most fun I could have. The only think that compares is acting in films. Making Three to Tango breathed life into my soul.

Tea & Ten
October 2009