A Rocking Show To Get Your Teeth Into

For a show with plenty of bite, it’s hard to beat Vampires Rock, which returns to Inverness and Aberdeen for the second time in under a year, writes Susan Welsh

It says something when less than a year after playing to sellout crowds, a show returns to the same cities for a second bite – and immediately sells out again.

When it comes to a show with plenty of bite, nothing beats Vampires Rock, the tongue-in-cheek horror musical starring legendary 80s singer Toyah Willcox.

Created by Steve Steinman and set in New York in 2030 in the world of the undead, it tells the story of the charming but supremely evil Baron Von Rockula, (played beautifully by Steve), owner of the Live and Let Die Club, who wants to replace his 2,000-year-old wife, The Devil Queen (played by Toyah), with a younger version who must agree to immortality.

Using lots of pumping rock tracks, including classic songs and anthems from Bon Jovi, Alice Cooper, White Snake, Cher, the Rolling Stones and Billy Idol, it’s a fast-paced show which drives the audience wild.

“There’s something about Scottish audiences and vampires that seems to send them over the edge,” said Toyah.

“You’ve got to look at the Scottish culture, to see why.

“You have some fantastic writers in your history, so perhaps the romanticism of vampires is the blood and DNA of the Scots.

“It is very interesting that this show does sell out everywhere it plays in Scotland, which is great for us.”

Toyah revealed that the show, which visits Eden Court Theatre, Inverness, tonight and Aberdeen’s Music Hall on Saturday, has seen a few little changes made since it was here last November.

“I can’t tell you what the changes are, as that would spoil it for the audience, but I can say they are really, really good and have heightened the show, adding more energy and plenty of the feel-good factor,” said Toyah.

One alteration which can be mentioned is the number of Toyah’s costume changes.

“I set out with the intention of simplifying my costume changes for this tour, but somehow I managed to do the complete opposite,” she said.

“There are two sets of armour, eight actual costume changes, three sets of thigh-high boots and a silver and gold thong.

“I’ve ended up with four new outfits, which shows my attempts to simplify just haven’t worked – it’s just as complex as before.

“In fact, I’d go as far as saying I’ve made things worse, but the costumes look good, so I’m sticking with it.”

Toyah’s eye-popping outfits usually include outrageous shoes with sky-high heels measuring at least 10 inches, but these have been packed away – for the moment.

“I fell on stage last year and am still recovering from a twisted tendon.

“As a result, I’m not allowed to wear the 10-inch-heel shoes, but I am in thigh-high boots.”

That little remark lets you know that this is a show like no other.

With a twist of rock, a dash of musical theatre and plenty of the greatest rock anthems penned, it’s no wonder audiences have barely time to take their seats before they’re dancing in the aisles.

Toyah said: “It’s one of the largest one-night touring shows in the country and has a massive full stage set with a band on stage, singers, dancers and wonderful costumes.

“It’s a fabulous feel-good show and all the cast give 100% – if you love your rock music, then this is it at its best.”

Aberdeen Press & Journal
October 2009