Whatever Happened To...

Then : Diminutive punkette with endearing lisp 

Claim to fame : Hit singles It's A Mystery and I Want To Be Free. 

So what happened? : Spiritualist, sexpert, stage and screen legend, Toyah is all things to all people. When the hits tailed off she threw out the hair gel and turned into a TV 
presenter, popping up on everything from a late-night sex show to Songs 

"I now make three times as much money than when I was practically world famous," she says. "Back then the record company took 73 per cent." Her long-distance marriage to guitarist Robert Fripp - they spend only three weeks together a year - allowed her to indulge her workaholicism further. 

Last year there was pyjama drama Live Bed Show with Joe McGann, loads of TV, a 60-date music tour and panto. "Touring is a brilliant way of keeping in touch with yourself," she says. "I need a live audience to see what I'm capable of."

Heat Magazine, 1999