Me & My Passport

Actress, singer and TV presenter Toyah Willcox films reports for the BBC Holiday Programme.

How many visa stamps are in your passport?
I have a very thick ten-year passport which always gets questioned when I go to Israel. They think I must be a terrorist because I also have a Polish visa. I get interrogated every time, even though they know me - I have a hit satellite show in Israel. I have lots of American visa stamps because my husband, who's a musician, works in Los Angeles (inset) for two weeks a month, and I pop over to see him all the time.

What is your favourite place to visit?
It would have to be Estonia, where I will be making a movie this year. It's sensational, totally unspoiled. Amazingly it's full of Scottish people who went there three years ago for a football match that never happened - and they never came home. There are lots of Scottish pubs and you can live there on about pounds 10 a week. Israel is also fantastic. It's never dull and is full of extremes. On my last visit I was filming for the BBC's Holiday Programme and I had to live like a nomad in the Negev desert for six days. Then I'd pop back to Eilat to have a bath and it was like being in Las Vegas.

What was your worst experience?
I was touring in Poland five years ago and it was difficult getting food. And when you turned taps on all that came out was sludge, so no-one used the bath. There was also a huge alcohol problem.

What is your favourite form of transport?
I love flying. Yachts are awful because you get stuck with people. I can be anonymous on a plane.

Who is your ideal travelling companion?
I like travelling on my own, I'm a very insular person. I just love getting on a plane with magazines and a good book.

What essentials would you never leave behind?
A handbag and a toothbrush. Once I went to LA and that's all I took because I have clothes at my husband's place. Customs were very suspicious because I didn't have a suitcase.

Sunday Mirror
January 1998