Toyah And The Vampire Curse

Singer and actress Toyah Willcox claims Vampire’s Rock, the musical in which she is touring the UK, is haunted.

Toyah, 50, who is in the middle of a 44-date run which ends at the Liverpool Echo Arena on December 27, says some performances have been hit by mysterious problems.

“I believe Vampire’s Rock is cursed, absolutely I do,” says Toyah, who plays the Devil Queen. “The lid of the coffin [used during the opening stages of the show] has been closing down on Mike Taylor [who plays the Baron’s butler Stringfellow] even though it doesn’t have a lock on it.”

She adds: “On Hallowe’en in Ipswich, people started fainting, saying they were overcome by spirits. There have also been some instances where the keyboard inexplicably changed its settings, even though no one had touched it beforehand.

“Something happens every night. It was as if we are haunted. But it doesn’t give me the chills – I actually love it. It’s fabulous. I’ve more reservations about presenting Songs Of Praise."

Daily Express
November 2008