How Toyah gave her tired eyes a lift 

At 46, she decided she had a lived-in look she didn't like. 

So Toyah Willcox has eradicated the lines and wrinkles the years have given her with a facelift. 

The £12,000 surgery has smoothed the face that saw her through the punk era in the 1970's with 13 top 40 singles,and a variety of theatre roles berfore a stint in the jungle in I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! for ITV. Miss Willcox is more than happy to admit having plastic surgery.  

In fact she has written a book graphically describing her experiences, Dairy Of A Facelift, which is due out in March. 
Plastic surgeon, Alex Karidis said she appeared to have had a full facelift on top of Botox treatment. 

'Toyah is looking great - there is no evidence of jowls and her neck is more taut since surgery,' he said. 'Botox injections have banished the crows feet around her eyes. Her eyebrows also appear higher and the skin around the area smoother'. 

In January last year Miss Willcox told the Mail she had no objections to surgery, adding: "I loathe the bags under my eyes. 

'They're hereditary and look so much worse when I'm tired, so I'd have an operation which zaps those.' 

Daily Mail
February 2005