Diary of Toyah, an insecure actress

Has there ever been such self-serving nonsense written as Toyah Willcox's Diary Of A Facelift? 

I like Toyah but what is she doing? She describes what she is undergoing as 'the last taboo'. A taboo? 

Has she not noticed that a few other people in the public eye have been open about their surgery? Has she never seen Nip/Tuck? 

Does she not know that even civilians go to Cape Town for their Surgery and Safari breaks? 

Her main motivation is that Jonathan Ross said she didn't look too hot without makeup. The bandages finally come off and she writes of herself: 'It would be a brave soul who could bear to be remembered for having a facelift and writing about it.' 

Isn't bravery an attribute that others should confer on you? 

She says she's 'proud to be such a good advert for middle age'. Oh no, not another woman striking a blow for women by slicing herself up. An advert for insecure actresses maybe. 

Mail On Sunday
20th March 2005
Thanks to Andrew York