Toyah calls Ghosbusters

Toyah Willcox is hoping the demons which haunt her house will finally be exorcised in a new television show. 

The 80’s rock singer has sought the help of the real life Ghostbusters in Living TV’s Living With The Dead to rid ghosts from her Worcestershire house, which she shares with her rock guitarist husband, Robert Fripp. 

The investigative team includes psychic medium Ian Lawman, who claims to have talked to the Kray Twins amongst other spiritual entities. 


And they are set to visit Toyah’s house as part of a UK-wide crusade to rid people of unwelcome houseguests. 

The mediums plan to assess the paranormal activity in Toyah’s home by staying the night. This will also help them investigate what is spiritually holding the singer’s home to ransom before confronting the intruders during a sťance. 

As well as trying to help the 49-year-old star, the eight-part series will also see the team helping a Derbyshire couple who regularly sense orbs in their bedroom that breath on them while they are in bed, and a Yorkshire family who wake up with unexplained scratches on their faces. 

The Sun
5th April 2008