It's A Mystery Why Toyah's Not in Who

Actress and singer Toyah Willcox admits she's a sci-fi addict with a soft spot for a certain Timelord.

Would she like to appear in the new series of Doctor Who?

"Oh God yeah, but I don't think it's going to happen," she sighs. "I think the queue is as long as the world is wide. I've had meetings and everything, it's just never happened."

Guesting in Doctor Who may be a long cherished dream, but one thing that is going to happen is her involvement with The Great Walk to Beijing. 

Toyah jumped at the chance of taking part in the charity walk which begins on April 7: "The email came into my agent and I thought: 'Wow. If I ever go to Beijing, I'd like it to be for that reason'. 

"I think it's a fabulous concept, and it's quite mega because you've got Australia, America and England entering people."

The fundraising adventure, in aid of Olivia Newton-John's Wellness Centre - the primary site for clinical cancer trials worldwide - can be seen in an upcoming documentary for BBC Worldwide, and coverage will also be featured on GMTV. 

Toyah Story: The Next Chapter

Although Toyah Willcox turns 50 in May, the actress and singer seems to have as much energy as when she burst into the public eye in the 1980s.

Aside from jetting around the world taking care of her assorted properties, she's been busy working on a new album with her band the Humans, and preparing for upcoming charity event The Great Walk to Beijing with Olivia Newton-John.

"For me it's about looking at cancer in a positive way, and I think what Olivia Newton-John is doing is taking terror away and putting a quality of life back and this is supporting that," she explains.

However, Toyah is keen to point out the charity walk isn't a race.

"I'm not going out there to be competitive with other people. We're all there to raise money and raise awareness that this is about palliative care and quality of life and to see cancer as something that you can live with as well as fight against."

So, what training has she been doing?

"Just living," she laughs. "I do concerts all the time, so I'm very active. I had to estimate my health for the officials and I said: 'Well actually, I do walk about eight to 14 miles a day anyway'. I don't like being in the car or catching trains, so if I can walk, that's what I do."

The fund-raising adventure, in aid of Newton-John's Wellness Centre, can be seen in an upcoming documentary for BBC Worldwide, and coverage will also be featured on GMTV. 

You can sponsor Toyah and the other participants by going to

Yahoo News - April 2008