Toyah Willcox

Her jet set lifestyle takes her all over the world but Toyah Willcox regularly returns to Lincoln because of family connections. 

"My great-grandfather about five times removed was the last man to be hanged in Lincolnshire so I have quite a connection with the county," says Toyah. 

"Lincoln is a very rich cultural city and I really enjoy the architecture and the character there." 

This time round Toyah will be performing at Gainsborough's new venue, The State Club, where the spotlight has previously been shined on superstar DJs such as Judge Jules and Lisa Lashes. 

But, as ever, Toyah is not intimidated by the list of predecessors. 

"My website gets a few thousand hits every week so people do know I'm coming to Lincoln," says Toyah. 

"I do what I do, I'll be playing for the fans. 

"I'm not trying to attract a new audience." 

Having said that, Toyah believes anyone who attends who is not familiar with her music will be easily won over. 

"You get used to playing for crowds that don't expect what you do," says Toyah. "What we do is a high energy rock show. Our aim is to raise the temperature and we always win people over in the end." 

Toyah takes the same approach to her writing as she does to her shows. She believes that staying contemporary doesn't have to take effort. 

"When I write I don't think I'm writing for young people," says Toyah. "But I live a very exciting life and my finger is on the pulse musically, so I stay contemporary." 

Linconshire Echo
14th February 2008