Farewell to the fat and the fads: Lucy Atkins weighs up the shape of diets to come, while celebrities share their homespun slimming tips: 

Actress, singer 

At this time of year, I always do panto, which does wonders for my figure. This year, I'm playing Jack in Jack and the Beanstalk at the Hexagon in Reading and we do two shows a day most days. I get so fit on stage and want to keep it up afterwards. 

I have very sensible eating habits and my tip is the most basic and simple law in the world: do not eat more calories than you can burn. I find it staggering that people don't get that. Because I'm going to hit 50 next year, I have a sensible breakfast of green tea and a bowl of bran flakes, and a good lunch such as a piece of salmon with spinach and fruit. I drink water all day, allow myself one more cup of tea and then I'll have a bowl of soup in the evening and a bowl of cereal before going to bed. No one can sleep if they are hungry and you need carbohydrates to help you relax. 

I only allow myself 1,500 calories a day because that's all I need. If I go over that, I put on weight. I have worked that out for myself. I believe you can look better and better as you get older. I think people who go on about age being a bad thing are people who have lost their figures. If you can stay fit and slim, life is far more enjoyable. 

The Telegraph
29th December 2007