Toyah Willcox Talks to BBC Radio Berkshire's Phil Kennedy about life as the lead in the Hexagon's Pantomime Jack And The Beanstalk, turning on Christmas lights and Brad Pitt in a loin cloth. 

You're going to be in Panto this year at Reading's Hexagon theatre 
That's right, I'm playing Jack in Jack and the Beanstalk.  I'm telling everyone that I'm the oldest Jack in the borough of London, but I'm still a pretty good looking one! 

Panto's always good fun are you looking forward to it? 
Oh yeah! it is great fun, I love it. We start rehearsals on Monday (26th November). I can't wait I'm a panto addict as well as a panto veteran. I think Panto is a special part of British culture. 

You switched on Bracknells lights over the weekend. Who would you have turning on your Christmas Lights? 
Oooh it would have to be Brad Pitt, in a loin cloth! 

The full interview can be listened to by clicking on the link here

BBC Berkshire
26th November 2007