Toyah Willcox: `I Plan To Have More Cosmetic Surgery` 

In an exclusive interview with Maggie Philbin, Toyah Willcox reveals her next procedure, past regrets 

London – 18 June, 2007 - ‘Looking Good’ BuyAssociation, the website dedicated to providing the public with unbiased, On Demand and free information about the latest surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures, today announced their latest weekly radio show featuring Toyah Willcox, famous musician and author of ‘Diary of a Facelift’, and consultant plastic surgeon Norman Waterhouse, will air on Thursday 21 June on One Word (digital) Radio at 11:30am and 7pm as well as being available for free download via the site and iTunes. The Radio Show reveals Toyah’s plans for future cosmetic surgery as well as the best procedures for women in their 50’s, and highlights an entirely new technique by facelift specialist Norman Waterhouse, spelling the end of the giveaway ‘wind tunnel’ look. 

The interviewees were quizzed by well-known presenter Maggie Philbin, of 'Tomorrow’s World' and QED fame, who asked Mr. Waterhouse just how invisible his famous ‘invisible stitches’ were – to which he replied; 

"I can hide a facelift from your lover, but not from your hairdresser!" 

During the show, Toyah spoke of her decision to get a facelift four years ago and outlines which procedures she is considering having done in the future. She says 

"I’ve had a facelift in my 40’s and I plan on being refreshed again in my 50’s" 

When asked if she had any regrets, she admitted that, although delighted with the results, she wishes that she hadn’t gone to Paris for the procedure, saying there are many fantastic surgeons in the UK, and said her next surgery will definitely be performed here. 

The show further highlighted the different types of facelifts available including the new 'Waterhouse' technique recently published in a medical journal, and pinpointed the sort of people who may be ineligible for plastic surgery, such as heavy smokers. 

According to Maggie Philbin; "Toyah gave us a very frank account of her own experiences and is one of an increasing number of women who has chosen to have aesthetic surgery – and talk about it. But there are a bewildering number of procedures and new techniques and some make-over programmes can present a misleading picture of what’s actually involved. Surgery isn’t for everyone. On "Looking Good" we provide straight down the line, unbiased and honest advice. We don’t gloss over how long it can take to recover from procedures or what can go wrong." 

This radio show can be found On Demand at along with other Podcasts, Fact Sheets and Radio Shows all providing advice on cosmetic surgery and procedures.
18th June 2007