Why I live in... Chiswick 

Toyah Willcox, 48, enjoyed pop success in the Eighties, but has also worked in film and TV. She is married to musician Robert Fripp and lives, mainly, in Chiswick. 

"I used to live in Chelsea but seven years ago I stumbled upon a property in Chiswick which I loved straight away. Chiswick is very convenient if you work for the BBC, as I do some of the time. The neighbours are incredibly friendly because they all work in entertainment. We all understand the odd hours; there are people here in ballet, theatre and TV. I relly adore being in a community like this where the people respect your need for privacy and look out for our safety. I spend a lot of time walking around Richmond and window shopping in Chiswick High Street. With my husband we fnd the early hours are a wonderful time to go for a stroll. He lives in Nashville, I live over here. I'd prefer it if we lived together, but neither of us is willing to give up our careers. We live "affectionately independently" lives and we don't have children. It's a compromise - I wouldn't ever want to give up my freedom." 

Toyah Willcox was talking to Mark Anstead. 

London Lite
9th May 2007
Thanks to Kurt Jones