Interview: Toyah Willcox, Martin Fry and Howard Jones are back!

They may be back in a glittering tour full of smash hits and new numbers, but as Sharon Cook rather shamefacedly realised Toyah Willcox, Martin Fry and Howard Jones have never really been away! 

The trio are due to hit the stage at The Hexagon tonight as part of their nationwide Hitmakers Tour. 

What is obvious from a quick chat with each of them is that they’re all really up for having a good time. 

And sharing their incredible talents with the rest of us in a show that will prove the 80’s are even cooler now, than when they came round the first time. 

So, time to dig out your pixie boots and puff balls, shiny suits and big hairdos – or not! – and get your trendy little selves down to the biggest venue in town. 

Toyah ‘It’s a Mystery’ Willcox told Reading Alive that for her The Hitmakers is not about going back in time, she’s never stopped .  

“For the last 20 years we’ve all been performing this music. I’m so pleased, if it hadn’t been (like this) I’d be out of a job. 

“I never expected to be touring at 48, I’m really grateful to be doing it. It’s great fun. We’re just so up for it and I think the whole thing is very infectious. 

“So many people say the songs have narrated their teen years, their weddings, their divorces – there are so many memories and they (the songs) haven’t lost their power to inspire. We’ve never really gone away.” 

That’s quite an accolade for a woman who burst onto the music scene in 1977 in David Jarman’s punk epic Jubilee, and has been taking the entertainment world by storm ever since – from acting and presenting not to mention her music. 

In fact her trademark lisp and fiery locks are still as unmistakable today as they were way back when, as her appearance in an early I’m a Celebrity proved. 

And talking of appearances the book Diary of a Facelift, by Toyah Willcox, says it all. 

If you want to see for yourself, go and get tickets for tonight’s show. 

To read the rest of the interview, with Martin Fry and Howard jones, please click on the picture or link below. 

Martin Fry says of Toyah: "Toyah was a real role model, there are a lot of girls who’ve gone into music because of her
9th November 2006