Toyah's role as canine villain: 

Toyah Willcox is in Nottingham for a production of 'The 101 Dalmatians' at the Theatre Royal. She's also been singing Nottingham's praises. 

"I've worked in Nottingham many times. It's fabulous." 

Toyah Willcox will appear as the evil Cruella de Vil in The Royal Company's production of The 101 Dalmations. 

The play opens on Tuesday 25th July, but Toyah is in Nottingham at present preparing herself for the role. She's a big fan of the city and can't believe the bad publicity it's had in the past. 

"I've worked in Nottingham many times. It's fabulous. It's never been better than it is today. It has the most gorgeous community. This is one of the most gorgeous places I've been to in England." 

The Royal Company is a community theatre group and it's members have daytime jobs. However, despite their amateur status, Toyah is pleased with the show and its moral standpoint. 

"They're certainly talented... I'm so impressed. This is a really great family show with a really great message in it, that is animals have feelings and emotions too." 

Toyah will be playing one of the most spiteful creations in literature and film, so how does she feel playing Cruella? 

"From the point of view of a modern woman I don't like to see middle-aged women demonised like this. When you get to play them, the satisfaction levels go through the roof... evil is so easy to portray!"

The 101 Dalmatians is at the Theatre Royal from Tuesday 25th - Saturday 29th July 2006.
20th July 2006