This week, we sent television presenter Toyah Willcox for a total body check-up. 

Age: 47 
Height: 5ft 1 
Weight: 8st 3lbs 
Health problems: None 

To find out if celebs benefit from their glam lifestyles, we test their bodies using a health assessment by Re-Aqua. It evaluates blood pressure, cholesterol, risk of diabetes and weight - looking at body fat percentages. We sent Toyah to try it out. 

Lifestyle low-down 

Do you have a food or drink vice? 
"I have a very sweet tooth, so I treat myself to one Kinder Bueno a day. I don't drink at all." 

What would you change about your body? 
"I'd like to minimise my curves. I think I'm fit for my age but, as I'm getting older, my body's changing shape. However much I exercise, I don't think I look athletic because I'm busty." 

Workout or yoga? 
"I work out every day. I do two hours' fast walking on the running machine, weights and cycling. And I plan on taking up yoga soon." 

Do you take any supplements? 
"Too many. I take hemp and flaxseed oil, cod liver oil, vitamin E, Cool Oil by the Groovy Food Company (for omega oils) and acidophilus every day. I haven't had a cold since I added zinc, and I also take Glucosamine, which is good for joints." 

BLOOD PRESSURE: Toyah's diastolic blood pressure - the minimum pressure between beats when the heart relaxes - is a healthy 78. It should be between 70 and 90, so this is spot-on. 

Toyah: "My blood pressure has always been on the lower side so I'm not suprised by this result. In fact, I'm really pleased with it." 

WEIGHT: Toyah's body fat is slightly high at 29.8 per cent. It should be between 22 and 28 per cent. But it's nothing to worry about. 

Toyah: "I work out for two hours every day and thought I'd have too much muscle and not enough fat, so I'm pleased about this. I'm not worried about losing weight." 

DIABETES: Toyah's blood-sugar level is very low. Her glucose level is 1.2 (it should be less than seven) so, at the moment, she has no risk of developing diabetes. 

Toyah: "This result is great. I'm very surprised as everything these days contains sugar - even bran flakes." 

CHOLESTEROL: Toyah's total cholesterol is 4.2, which is fine as it should be less than five. Her level of "good" cholesterol is only 0.61 though - it should be over one. Toyah should take 1,000mg of vitmain C a day to boost this level. 

Toyah: "It looks like I'll have to add vitamin C to my supplement list." 

EXPERT'S VERDICT: Celebrity fitness trainer Nicki Waterman says: "Toyah is fit and healthy, but I'd expect her body fat to be lower. I advise her to invest in a heart-rate monitor so she can check the intensity of her workout. They're available from sports shops, or log on to When walking and cycling, Toyah should head outdoors. A hilly route will help burn calories and give her heart and lungs a better workout. She should pick a few different routes to avoid boredom." 

Toyah's Body MOT was performed by Kerry Edge from Re-Aqua. Prices for a Health Risk Assessment range from £10 to £75. For your nearest Salon Spa, visit or call 0870 403 0002.
Punk star Toyah wows crowd 

Closer Magazine
9th - 15th July 2005