Toyah Willcox - answers your email questions

PRIZE QUESTION: Do you ever regret not having children? [Susie Forbes, Thame]
No. I just don't have the right mentality to be involved with a family and I've always known that. I've never thought about it. I'm incredibly nomadic and I don't have any ties. That's probably the most rock 'n' roll side of me.

You were in the Top 10 in the 80s and known for your wild image. But if you could be like anyone in the charts now, who would it be? [Gina Kyriacou, Couldson]
I'd like Gwen Stefani's legs, Alison Goldfrapp's voice and Bjork's mentality - she's so entertaining.

Would you do another reality TV show? [Samantha, Edinburgh]
I would, if it was challenging. The problem I had with I'm A Celebrity - Get Me Out Of Here! was they weren't interested in our abilities, they were interested in us cracking. I love Celebrity Big Brother - it's fascinating when a celeb lets their guard down and forgets the cameras.

Would you pose naked? [Jimmy Martin, Hereford]
I have, for the Daily Mail two years ago. Playboy asked me 20 years ago, but I turned it down. Now, at 47, I'd do it because I believe in sexualising middle-aged women.

What was the worst job you've ever done? [Clare Gosling, Portsmouth]
I used to sell cigarettes in a kiosk in Birmingham. I hate smoking, I'm dyslexic and I can't count money. In those days the tills didn't add up for you, so I made the prices up. That job paid for me to go to drama school.

What's the best film you've made? [Emma Griffin, Stockport]
The Tempest, directed by Derek Jarman. It was no holds barred, a lot of nudity and bad behaviour.

Would you consider any more surgery? [Sharon Donaldson, Mitcham]
I would, but I wouldn't tell people when I'm going to do it this time. I'd get my upper eyelids done and I'd definitely have a tummy tuck. I wrote Diary Of A Facelift because everyone denies having surgery and it's incredibly unfair when women don't understand why they're ageing and others aren't.

Do you think your facelift sets a bad example to children? [Bev Foreman, Reading]
No. I don't think I look perfect and that's why I set a good example. My surgeon told me he couldn't make me look like a supermodel, but he could stop me looking tired.

You were in panto with Suzanne Shaw. What advice would you offer her about men? [Alison Jones, Edinburgh]
She's the loveliest girl, incredibly young and sweet and unaffected. I'd say to any woman of 23: 'Stay single and independent until you know who you are. Don't get involved with someone until you believe in your own power and beauty.'

What's the secret to a happy marriage? [Laurie L, High Barnet]
Financial independence for both people. I don't believe in living out of someone else's pocket. I've been with my husband (musician Robert Fripp) for 20 years and there's still a lot of romance in our relationship too. That's crucial.

What man would make you consider adultery? [Karen Beauhill, Hartlepool]
Mark Wahlberg makes me go absolutely gaga. So does Matt Dillon, so it'd have to be both of them!

Sex, drugs or rock 'n' roll... Which works best for you? [Gabrielle Frazer, Sunderland]
Rock 'n' roll. I despise drugs - it's a no-win culture. If a creative person allows themselves to be a drug addict their work doesn't necessarily suffer, but they waste their lives. We're here for spiritual growth and drugs don't help that.

What's your worst vice? [Jane Crawford, Salcombe]
Gluttony. I'll eat anything sweet.

If you had £5,000 to blow in a day, what would you spend it on? [Naomi Tozer, Norfolk]
I'd book a first-class flight to Nice for me and three friends. We'd get a helicopter into Monaco and go to the yacht club to watch a concert. We'd go to the Casino Royale for a meal, and then blow £500 each at the casino. I've never gambled in my life, but when in Monaco it's something you've got to do.

What's your most treasured possession? [Jenny Stone, Leeds]
I collect big, rare crystals. I also have some stalagmites, the highest of which is just under 4ft. They're imported from Brazil and I've got them all over my lounge. I just love them.

Who's the nicest celeb you've met? [Tracey Smith, Swindon]
Linda Barker's one of the loveliest people you could meet. She has time for everyone.

Love, fame or money? [Angela Shah, Birmingham]
Fame. It's terrible I know, but all my life I've only ever wanted fame. I've been relatively famous for 25 years now and I wouldn't know how to live without it.

What's in your handbag at the moment? [Karina Thompson, Gloucester]
I have a tiny handbag, about 6in by 8in. It contains my driving licence, my passport, keys for four properties, a notebook, four pens and a precious stone called a Fire Agate, which is supposed to make women more perceptive.

What song or piece of music holds most memories for you? [Alice Walker, Southampton]
It has to be David Bowie's Life On Mars. I've always loved it - it's one of the most evocative and emotional somngs I've ever heard. I sang it at one of my very first auditions and got the job, so it's always meant good luck to me.

Who do you consider the greatest singer-songwriter of all time? [Elaine Hammond, Bedford]
Kate Bush. She's a very good friend of mine and talented beyond belief.

What's your greatest fear? [Charlie Henderson, Sussex]
I'm a bit of a luvvie in that I hate being out of work. I'm actually phobic about it.

What ringtone do you have on your phone at the moment? [Liz Davids, Bristol]
I hate my mobile. It's a Blackberry and I can't work it out. I can't even set my ringtone, but there's one called Trance that I want - if only I knew how to set it up.

Have you got a party trick? [Sangeeta Patel, Manchester]
I haven't, but I wish I had. I'd love to be like that Frenchman who jumps building. He proves that where there's faith and belief you can do anything.

Do you ever look back at pictures of what you used to wear and wonder: 'What was I thinking?' [Lynne Westcliff, Chichester]
No, I'm extremely proud of all the decisions I've made, especially when they've had an influence over many generations. When I look at celebrities who don't take any risks to be strong individuals I find them dull. One thing I'll never be accused of is having an orange tan and the same pout.

What have you done with all your punky stage outfits? [Felicity McCarthy, South Shields]
I have a house to keep my press cuttings, costumes, headdresses, stage make-up and books that refer to me. There's a room of recordings of every TV show I've done and another full of fan mail.

What's your life philosophy? [Sarah Bright, Bitterne]
My philosophy is live with what you have, never live wanting someone else's possessions.

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January 2006