Toyah Slips In (And Out) Of Her New Role

Princess of punk Toyah Willcox caused a sensation last night when she took over the starring role in the hit musical Cabaret...but not in the way she intended. She made an unscheduled performance that was a bit of a shocker - for she accidentally revealed all!

Toyah, 28, who has taken over from actress Kelly Hunter, as Sally Bowles, was clearly suffering from first night nerves as she went through her first full dress rehearsal just hours before the debut performance. Her ill-fitting gown, suspenders and stockings did not help. Every few moments the tiny star had to pull her shoulder straps into place.

But during one dance routine she could not stop herself spilling out of the top of the dress. Quickly she pulled herself together and continued, hiding her embarrassment. Outside the Strand Theatre, too, it turned out to be an outrageous event - for dozens of loyal Toyah fans ripped down posters as souvenirs, upsetting theatre officials.

Moments before stepping out on stage on the biggest night of her life, Toyah revealed a secret grief - her husband of eight months, rock guitarist Robert Fripp, could not be there to see her. He is touring Holland and won't be back for a month. "I wish above everything else he was here tonight," she said, "We miss each other terribly. We're on the phone at least five times a day."

The Sun, 1987
Thanks to Jenny Parkin