As '80s stars on 45 reach the grand age of 50! 


Their music defined a decade but how are they doing now that they're decades older? 

Back in the '80s, hairspray sales must have gone through the roof. Every strand of hair was teased, coloured, back-combed, gelled and sprayed to within an inch of its life to make sure you achieved that all-important new romantic look. And it wasn't just the girls - the boys weren't shy about getting dressed up and spending hours in the make-up chair. 

Though many struggled to replicate their '80s success in the next decade, their music still has an army of fans, as shown by the enormous success of the regular Here And Now and '80s revival tours. 

One band that has seen a phenomenal comeback despite all of them being in their forties and fathering 12 children between them, are Duran Duran. With slightly thicker waistlines and a few more wrinkles the hair highlights are still there, even though their clothes are more subdued. 

Though many of the '80s stars have been keen to reunite their bands, with varying degrees of success, there are others that are happy to pursue different career paths or just happily live with the memories... 

TOYAH: In the '80s it was hard to avoid Toyah, which isn't surprising judging by this picture! Toyah is now an established stage and television performer. 

This wild, fiery-haired pop star of the '80s has transformed into an immaculately groomed, sleek, blonde TV favourite and West End performer - and Toyah Willcox is more surprised than anyone. She says: "When I made my name as a singer in the '80s I never guessed I'd end up as a TV presenter." 

There was a time when Toyah ruled the pop charts with the likes of It's A Mystery and appeared in seminal rock films Jubilee with Adam Ant, and Quadrophenia with Sting. However following her stint on I'm A Celebrity... last year, she cemented her stage reputation by starring in Calamity Jane in the West End. She is married to guitarist Robert Fripp from the band King Crimson.

OK! Magazine 
2nd November 2004