Great Briton

Boadicea or Boudicca, freedom fighter or terrorist? To the Britons she was queen of the Iceni, dynamic leader of an oppressed people. To the Romans she was a barbarian and a threat to the state.

Boring old history? Not the way Tony Robinson and Toyah Willcox tell it, combining epic poem and rock video technique with a soundtrack that goes from African rhythms through hip-hop to funk and back.

Says Tony (who plays Baldrick to Rowan Atkinson's Blackadder) 'I got the idea for Boudicca (BBC1) while I was in The Gambia. There they tell stories with people instead of at them. There are drums and shouting. Everybody joins in.

'Aztec Camera's drummer, Steve Sidelnyk, who recently did a Bros tour, and Toyah's husband, guitarist Robert Fripp, put together a rocky, rhythmical U2-style soundtrack. It's going to look really exciting.'

Radio Times, 1988