Toyah Wedding Snub

Sultry singer Toyah Willcox has married rock star Robert Fripp in secret - and upset her friends about keeping them in the dark.

She invited only a few people to the wedding in the tiny Dorset village of Witchampton.

Last night a friend said bitterly: "Quite a few people are upset at not being invited."

Toyah, 28, the ex-queen of pop, wore a white calf-length dress and 39 year-old Fripp, founder of King Crimson, wore a dark suit.


The couple, who wed on Friday, are planning to set up home in a £250,000 mansion at Cranborne, Dorset.

Toyah originally planned to marry her burly minder Tom Taylor, 30.

But in December she walked out of the £250,000 London home they shared. Taylor said later that she offered him £10,000 and a car to stay quiet about the bust-up.

Fripp said last night: "Toyah is the salt of the earth. I must ask you to respect our privacy."

Daily Mirror, 1986
Thanks to Jenny Parkin