Toyah Jaw Broken As Play Fight Backfires

Actress Toyah Willcox was nursing a broken jaw last night after being head-butted when a stage punch-up went wrong.

Tiny Toyah, 32, staggered back in agony as a fellow actress accidentally nutted her in the opening scene of Shakespeare's Taming Of The Shrew.

But the 4ft 11ins former punk singer carried on for TWO HOURS with concussion, before a doctor wired her jaw.


She said: "It was very painful but it was an accident and I don't bear a grudge."

A spokeswoman for York's theatre Royal said the stage scrap had been rehearsed many times.

She said: "Things got out of synch and Toyah staggered back clutching her jaw.

"She was very brave and wouldn't let the side down even though she was in great pain."

Doctors have told Toyah to rest for a month before the Cambridge Touring Theatre Company play moves to London's West End.

The Sun, 1990
Thanks to Jenny Parkin