Best Of Friends...The Princess And The Punk

The Princess and the punk rocker got on famously yesterday - chatting about all the things they don't have in common.

The Princess Of Wales, wearing cream, and singer Toyah Willcox, all in black, sat next to each other at the annual Women Of The Year Luncheon.

They talked about children - Toyah doesn't want any and Diana loves hers more than anything, fashion - Toyah patronises English Eccentrics and the Princess doesn't, and keep fit - Toyah does weight training, unlike Diana.

Afterwards the 28 year old singer said: 'We had a wonderful time. I probably did more talking than I should have but the Princess was absolutely incredible, very chatty and nice.'

Toyah, whose big studded belt was the only reminder of her punk style, said she had been very nervous but the Princess relaxed her.

'I wasn't expecting the person I met. She's a very good person. I know that is how she is portrayed in newspapers, but I genuinely think it is real.

'She is full of life, very kind and looked fabulous. But I don't think she is one of my fans. My music is too chaotic for her.'

The 500 guests, who included Neil Kinnock's wife Glenyis, the Beverley Sisters and Virginia Wade, were marshalled into the event at London's Savoy Hotel by Christine Akehurst, Britain's only woman toastmaster.

Daily Mail, 1987