Toyah moves into a new field

Toyah Willcox has landed a role in Emmerdale. The former punk begins filming her part in November and could be on screen by Christmas.

Toyah will play a southern yuppie who decides to downshift from her high-flying London lifestyle and relocate to Yorkshire.

It's her first big TV role and will re-establish her as a household name - especially once she starts her steamy affair with Jack Sugden. Scriptwriters plan for Toyah's character to waste no time in seducing Jack, played by Clive Hornby.

Jack is still devastated after his wife Sarah cheated on him with their lodger Richie Carter and jumps at the chance of an extra-marital fling of his own.

Toyah, 42, had pop success in the '80s with her singles It's A Mystery and I  Wanna Be Free. She had a part in the film Quadrophenia and has had success on stage in Trafford Tanzi.

Toyah has an unconventional marriage to musician Robert Fripp. Despite being married for 14 years, they live mostly apart and see each other for just a few weeks each year.

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