Smash Hits : 18th March 1982

The Pictures - And there was a partying and a popping of flashbulbs down at the Daily Mirror/Radio One/Nationwide Rock And Pop Awards (as seen on TV). The place was sardined with celebs; the famous, the talented, the beautiful, Dave Lee Travis...Fizzy drinks flowed, cheese dip went down by the tubload, and Engraved Discs were pressed into many a deserving palm. Best Album - "Dare", Best Single - "Vienna", Most Oustanding Musical Personality - Adam, Best Female Vocalist - Toyah, Best Male Vocalist - Shakin' Stevens, and they kept on coming. Our cameras, meanwhile, took a penetrating peek at some of the familiar faces...

(Pic caption reads: Haze treats Kim and Toyah to an extract from her latest single. Obviously a crowd pleaser.)

The Sun : 1990 

Flame haired pop star and actress Toyah Willcox is to play a lady in red this Christmas. Toyah, 32, is to star as scheming aristocrat Miss Scarlet in a seasonal special of the TV crime-busting series Cluedo. The ex-punk follows in the footsteps of Tracey Ward. 

Smash Hits 
1st April 1982

If you haven't managed to secure tickets for Toyah's forthcoming tour, there's a flicker of light on the horizon. The 23 year old has just added an extra show at Sheffield City Hall on June 18th and two extras at London's Hammersmith Odeon on July 17 and 18. Tickets cost 5, 4.50 and 4.

In addition to the tour she's recording a new album for release in June. On April 25 she appears on telly in a play called "Blue Marigolds" which kicks off a new teeth-chattering series of Tales Of The Unexpected.

This girl deserves a holiday.

NME : June 1978
Toyah Debut

Toyah, a new band formed around Jubilee star Toyah Willcox, make their stage debut this month with the following dates: Barnet, Duke Of Lancaster, June 27, London City Road City Arms, July 8, London Waterloo 'Young Vic' Festival, July 13, London Nashville, July 23.

NME : April 1979
Victims Of The Riddle

Toyah's backdrop is a quirky maze of fixing electronic and electric sounds, an intelligent sub-disco underlay. Toyah herself screeches and howls and makes the simple art of reviewing something of an endurance test. Angry and powerful, that's what it is, riotously and genuinely performed. But painful and disappointing too, after all the pre-release build up, the reviewer concludes. "Is there a heaven?/Is there a hell?/Do both exist?/Who can tell?" runs the deep intellect on the sleeve front. Theatrical froth.

NME : February 1980
Bird In Flight

Surprisingly gentle song by the banshee from Birmingham. It has an insidious quality that slowly gets under your skin and is a good pop song. The effective keyboards give it a desirable spacy atmosphere. Also more than a nod in Patti Smith's direction.

Smash Hits : May 1982
Brave New World

What Can I Say? She seems such a nice girl when she's on the box or talking on these pages. You can't help but admire her energy and utter professionalism. But as soon as she sings I get this awful feeling that she's somehow, er, exaggerating. All her songs have to be about some grand matter and sung with talent competition gusto. Knock 'em in the aisles, sock 'em in the back row of the balcony, grab 'em and shake 'em. My first instinct is to duck. That said, this is relatively restrained and should get on fewer nerves than the likes of "It's A Mystery". (David Hepworth)

Smash Hits : October 1982
Be Proud Be Loud (Be Heard)

A mere bop around the studio, shaped into something more substantial by means of an ear-bending synth riff and an arrangement that does a lot to hide the fact that Toyah, umpteen hairdo's on, remains much more a performer than a singer. (Fred Dellar)

Smash Hits : September 1983
Rebel Run

Fresh from her part as a wrestler in the play Trafford Tanzi, Toyah grapples with the knotty problem of trying to get a hit single. There hasn't been one for a while and this might just solve her problems. She sings well and I bet her visual presentation is up to her usual wacky, weird but high standard. (Lenny Henry)