Prostitute Review

As a singer Toyah has been a great actress - straining for effect, jaunty when she wanted to rock. Well, Prostitute could be the start of something else. Dumping pop band and format, she builds on bare rhythm, mostly machine made and jerked around by bursts of found sound, then layers on the vocals. Being sung at by a whole troupe of Toyahs may seem a fearsome prospect, but the way she whispers, 
giggles, shrieks and belts it out you'd have to be really scrooged up not to give her an even  break.

The Prostitute in question is tart and a wife, but also everyone selling their lives cheap. Although it's a theme 
both difficult and done before, there's a certain extra frisson to the sexual politics. And she must be onto 
something when she can entwine the influences of Dylan and Prince Charles in one lyric about Ghosts In The Universe who are "hiding in the architecture building up big plans, bang to bang's cowdung Disneyland".

Q, 1988