Bird In Flight Tour

Toyah Willcox is a diminutive screaming banshee in a black metallic epauletted jump suit, who pirouettes, poses and marches like a toy soldier, shaking her wonderful orange hair with black undertones like someone possessed. 

One of the adoring male fans was weeping, some were in hypnotic trance, whilst others stroked her striped locks, yes they were that near. Toyah wasn't a bit perturbed but did tell everyone to stop it or they couldn't continue. 

Reluctantly the crowd withdrew and at last we had a full frontal of Toyah. 

The rest of the band didn't look quite so happy. Pete Bush on keyboards, wasn't for a lot of the time, but managed to not only stay with it but come up with a really exciting sound. Joel Bogen on guitar and Charlie Francis on bass must have majored in the art of obstacle racing, whilst Steve Bray was a bit out of it at the back of the stage, his drums serving as sandbags. 

Toyah Willcox has a theatrical aura which excites the mob into a frenzy, and I felt something almost akin to compassion for their imposed exile. They needed to touch her - or have a cold shower!

'Dance' was a well known, much loved, song and someone grabbed the mike and sang along with Toyah until he fell off the shoulders he was precariously balanced on. 

The new single is a double A Side, 'Tribal Look' and 'Bird In Flight'. Nearly everyone is going to prefer one or the other, and 'Tribal Look' is a hit as far as I'm concerned. The songs are self-penned, Toyah Willcox supplying most of the lyrics. They are freshly original, though much of the credit must go to that voice - cerebral. 

Goodnight Toyah. A really good night. 

Joan Komlosy
February 1980