I started being obsessed with my health a few years ago when I was put on a diet. I'd gone to an allergy doctor who discovered I reacted badly to white flour and certain other foods, thus changing my moods dramatically.

I've always had an incredibly bad temper but it really got worse when I ate the wrong things. A Mars Bar could put me in the most filthy mood.

Since I've become a vegetarian I can control my moods even more. I live on vegetables, fruit and rice, as well as grains. Meat and processed foods really slow me down. When I ate meat I used to feel heavy and bloated, but my healthy eating plan has changed all that.

There's no point in following a health diet plan if you don't look after your body. I had to be in peak condition for 'Trafford Tanzi', the play I did about female wrestlers, and when I left that I continued a strict exercise regime in order to stay in condition.

Now it's a way of life. I spend an hour in the gym three days a week doing Nautilus weight training and an hour and a half doing a special form of ballet on the other three days. This kind of ballet concentrates on stretching your muscles which has a wonderful calming effect on your mind.

Doing so much exercise has changed me dramatically. Before I used to run around blowing all my energy but now I know how to control it and use it to the best effect. It has also meant that I have been able to improve certain aspects of my body. For instance, I noticed whenever I saw myself on the box that my movements were clumsy, and exercising has really smoothed that out.

In addition to working out at the gym, I come home and do a lot of stretches in the evening, I hardly ever watch TV because it's such a waste of time.

Apart from changing my physical shape, being so fit has sharpened my mind. I think it's released that animal instinct which is almost like a sixth sense.

Clothes are my other obsession. I keep everything I ever buy, I never throw things out or give them away. As soon as something goes out of fashion I remake it, because the cut and the style of a garment goes out long before the material does.

I suppose it's got a bit out of hand now. I've got seven rooms full of clothes and four wardrobes in one room alone! In fact, there are wardrobes everywhere - on the landing, in my office, anywhere there's a space for one. I've got things like my mother's wedding dress, my school uniform, a masai outfit, suits of armour and loads of saris. My mum was really pleased when I moved to London because she suddenly found she had cupboard space again! 

Nowadays I co-design all my merchandising and record sleeves, as well as my stage outfits. One day I'd like to market my own range of clothes, but that's really something for the future. 

For day wear I go for designers like Gaye Ironmonger, Salmon and Green, English Eccentrics, and the Hyper Hyper group. I also attend the fashion shows and snap up new designs there. Another good way to pick up on new talent is to visit the college shows, where the students are more adventurous. 

When I eventually move house, I'll have to make sure I find somewhere with plenty of storage space to keep my clothes. My collection dates back years. I still have my old platform soles with nine inch heels. I felt really insignificant when they went out of fashion - suddenly I discovered I was small again! 

And my jewellery takes up quite a lot of space as well, because I display it on racks along the wall rather than bunging it all in a box. 

But surprisingly enough, when I go on tour I'm incredibly strict with myself. Much as I love clothes, I never take more than seven outfits. If I let myself take half as much as I'd like to, the whole operation would disintegrate into chaos. 

And I'm really much too busy to let that happen!

No. 1 Annual, 1986