Wardrobe Of The Week

The singer joins Howard Jones, Belinda Carlisle and other '80s pop stalwarts for this year's Here And Now concert at the SECC on 28 April 

Where do you keep your clothes?

Mainly in a suitcase in the back of the car. I have a flat in London but I'm always on the move. Sometimes I'm in three different cities in a day, so I need to carry enough clothes to see me through. 

Do you shop alone? 

Always. I can't bear shopping with other people. You can make terrible decisions based on someone else's advice. 

Where do you buy your underwear? 

Victoria's Secrets in the US. I love it and the selection is enormous. I know it's pricey but because it's a specialist shop the cut's better. The thongs, for one, fit better. Being American too, the sizes aren't too small - I really hate tight knickers. 

Your most extravagant purchase? 

For this tour I'm getting armour made by J.R.R. Tolkien's great-nephew. the little breastplate is costing £1,000. I want to look like a futuristic Boadicea. 

You've borrowed a black dress or suit - how do you make it look yours? 

I never borrow anyone else's' clothes. 

What wouldn't you be seen dead in? 

I'd never wear clothes by Chanel. They're made to make women look fat. 

Whose style inspires you?

Anna Wintour's. She's the editor of American Vogue and I think she's astonishing - her look, her outlook, her philosophy. And Madonna's. 

You never wear it, but you could never throw it out? 

That covers just about everything I own. I'm terribly lazy - I've been wearing the same trousers for the last three years.

What are you going to buy this season and what's got to go?

Black, black and even more black. I do wear very bright shirts but black is always on somewhere. I probably won't throw anything out. 

Five minutes, five hours - how long does it take you to get ready? 

One hour. It's psychological - I don't like to hurry. As you get older you don't need an hour, but it's hard to break the habit of a lifetime. 

How would you describe your own style? 

A hitchhiker who's just won the pools: very, very tatty - but happily tatty. 

High heels or flats?

I always wear Nike trainers. I buy boy's ones - they're half price. I'm so small I can get away with wearing kid's clothes. 

Dress for the occasion, conformist or anarchist? 

Anarchist. I don't like girly clothes. I feel terribly uncomfortable and vulnerable when I'm looking very girly. 


Crimson coat by Helen David of English Eccentrics, 3700. 


Gloves, £40, Georgina Von Epstof. 


Karen Millen. Gold sparkly top, £10 in the sale. 


Helen David of English Eccentrics. Handbag, £200. 

Interview by Gillian Welsh. 

The Scotsman Magazine
6th April 2002
Thanks to Alec Kelly