Tea With Toyah!

When 14 year old Sandra Gibson saw Toyah Willcox in the TV series Shoestring she became an instant fan. So she wrote to FAB's Dream Come True department asking to meet Toyah. 

And as we too think that Toyah's really great, we were only too happy to oblige. To give Sandra, from Tottenham, North London, a first class outing we arranged to meet Toyah at the Savoy Hotel for tea. And Toyah flew in from Holland just to meet one of her biggest fans! 

Sandra was very excited as our taxi drew up outside the Savoy, which is one of the very best hotels in London. We meet Toyah inside, where she had turned quite a few heads. But with bright orange and red hair that's hardly surprising. 

Then we were ushered to our very own private suite to be served with tea. While we were waiting, Toyah produced a whole bag of goodies which included her latest single Ieya and her album The Blue Meaning. She was surprised to see a 12 inch copy of the single. "Even I haven't got one of these!" she exclaimed. 

Sandra proved what a dedicated fan she was. At one point Toyah told her that she had released three singles. 

"Oh no you haven't," said Sandra, "it's four!" Which is quite right too!

Sandra's favourite record is first single, Victims Of The Riddle, and it was Toyah's favourite too. 

Then tea arrived and we all tucked into the Savoy's delicate little sandwiches and their beautiful cream cakes. 

When we had finished tea Toyah had an extra surprise for Sandra. She gave her a beautiful little silver box which was inlaid with mother of pearl. 

"I was so pleased to meet a fan who really wanted to meet me that I had to give her something personal," said Toyah. 

"Toyah is every bit as nice as I thought she would be." said Sandra as she set off home. 

We have to agree - she's one of the nicest people on the pop scene today. Even so, the doormen at the Savoy breathed a sigh of relief as a taxi whisked her away. 

They'd had enough excitement for one day!

FAB Magazine, 1980