My Vice

Chocolate is my vice, I'm afraid. I even get up during the night to have some. It's an all-encompassing sensual pleasure. 

I am a very healthy girl nowadays. I'm a vegetarian, I do circuit training and have given up coffee, alcohol, the lot - except chocolate. 

I keep it in the freezer - so it takes a lovely long time to eat. Cadbury's is my favourite. I've tried chocolate all over the world, but I still think Cadbury's is the best. I go pretty wild at Easter as you can imagine.

I sometimes wish I could manage without chocolate, but it is an addiction. I have tried to get rid of everything in my life that I felt was an addiction or a bad habit, but chocolate is just too powerful to resist. 

I don't miss coffee or tea atall, but I know I'd miss chocolate.

Daily Mirror, 1990