The Moment I'll Never Forget

One Late Night Too Many Made The Singer-Turned-Actress Determined To Change Her Way Of Life. 

"It was May 1986 and the morning after the night before. I lay in bed shattered, I was a total mess. My lifestyle was one of over-drinking and eating, watching endless television, spending pots of money and getting nowhere as a person. 

I shot bolt upright in my bed. At that moment I knew I had to change. The challenge had gone out of my life - I vowed to revolutionise it. I instructed my lawyer to tie up the loose ends, while I fled to New York, and recharged my batteries. 

Eight months later, I came back to nothing. I sold my house and threw away all my clothes. Every bit of furniture, every ornament, went. It was the only way I could convince myself I was really starting afresh. Now, I feel free for the first time in an eternity; I don't feel the need to go out on shopping sprees and I've even got married (to rock guitarist Robert Fripp) when I wasn't always sure marriage was for me. 

I suppose I'll never be able to forget that morning I grew up."

Best Magazine, 1988