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Re-Joyce: Live in Coventry 15 December, 2010
'Re-Joyce (In The Bleak Midwinter)' is continuing to do well on Amazon's Singles chart. Hazel performed the single live in Coventry at the weekend. View it at 'You Tube' here.

Re-Joyce: In Amazon UK Top 10 Singles 12 December, 2010
Great News! As of this evening at 6pm 'Re-Joyce' was at number eight on the Amazon UK Music/Singles chart. It was also just about to enter the Top 700 of their entire music catalogue.

As well as being available on CD from Amazon, the single can be bought from HMV Coventry, Midnight Records, Coventry Market and Myton Hospices. Digitally it is currently available at UK iTunes, Ireland iTunes and US iTunes.

Central Tonight: Screen Captures 7 December, 2010
Screen caps from Central Tonight's 'Re-Joyce' report. Please click below for larger versions.

Central Tonight: O'Connor Bidding For No 1 7 December, 2010
Yesterday's Central Tonight report on the release of 'Re-Joyce' is available to watch online here.

The race is on for the Christmas Number One single with whoever wins the X Factor squaring up to the likes of Sir Cliff Richard. Also bidding for the top spot is The Hazel O'Connor Collective - a get-together of 80s stars, aiming to raise thousands for hospices across the UK. It's a cause that's close to the Coventry singer's heart - as Andy Bevan explains.
Re-Joyce: Full Promo Video @ You Tube 7 December, 2010
The full promo video for 'Re-Joyce (In The Bleak Midwinter)' is now online at 'You Tube'. Watch below or click here to view at 'You Tube' [ Thanks to Paul Cable ]

Myton Hospice: Help Us Get Into The Charts 7 December, 2010
Help us get into the charts this Christmas - download charity single Re-Joyce today

Hazel O'Connor and stars including Toyah Willcox and Carol Decker have recorded a charity single to raise money for us.

Re-Joyce was written by Hazel for her mother Joyce who spent last Christmas at our Warwick hospice. It is now available to download from iTunes at

It is track one. By buying it this way you can help us get it into the charts.

A CD with several different versions of the song is also avalaible to buy from our hospices and shops for 3.99 and 90 per cent of the proceeds will be donated to us with ten per cent going to Help The Hospices. To buy this CD online click

• Visit the ''
Daybreak: Hazel Interview: Watch @ You Tube 6 December, 2010
Screen captures from Hazel's appearance on this morning's Daybreak. As well as a great interview with Hazel, there was also a short clip of the 'Re-Joyce' video, including footage from last month's launch gig. Watch the Daybreak interview at 'You Tube' here. Click on the caps for larger versions.

• A fantastic report has just aired on ITV Central Tonight, with clips of the 'Re-Joyce' video, plus interviews with Hazel, Joyce, Toyah, and Carol Decker.

Re-Joyce: Available Now! 6 December, 2010
'Re-Joyce (In The Bleak Midwinter)', by The Hazel O'Connor Collective, is out today and available to download via iTunes, as well as being on sale as a physical CD single at selected music retailers.

As well as the "Single Mix" featuring the full Hazel O'Connor Collective, a variety of other mixes, with various members of the Collective on lead vocals, are available at iTunes as an album of seven tracks. The "Toyah Mix" of the single can also be downloaded.

here for the "Single Mix", as well as the "Toyah Mix" and the various others (at iTunes).
Coventry Telegraph: Christmas Songs... 2 December, 2010
Christmas Songs That Are Real Festive Treats

As the chilly winter air descends and days begin to get unpleasantly short, it can only mean that Christmas is well on the way. To many the seasonal shop can be a nightmare, not just for the credit card meltdown and the hustle and bustle of the relentless crowds, but mainly on hearing that far too familiar Christmas song for the umpteenth time.

Well may I offer three songs that have local connections, and both hark back to the more traditional Christmas song, but for all the right reasons.

Re-Joyce from the Hazel O’Connor Collective has a strong message too, not just of Christmas, but of life, and the joy of living for each moment.

The gathered cast included, Hazel O’Connor, Toyah Willcox, Carol Decker, Pauline Black, Ranking Roger, Vince Hill, Neville Staple, Bob Brolly, The Subterraneans and The Bluja Project plus Moya Brennan, Kid Creole and Neil O’ Connor who weren’t present on the night but are on the recording expertly produced by The Grammy award winning Roger Lomas.

• Read the full article at the 'Coventry Telegraph' website,

Re-Joyce: Toyah Mix (Preview) 1 December, 2010
The Official Toyah website has an exclusive preview of the, beautiful, "Toyah Mix" of 'Re-Joyce (In The Bleak Midwinter)'. Alongside the main single mix, some special solo versions will also be released, including Toyah's.

Details on how to download/purchase the single will be announced soon.

• Click here to visit's multimedia section. View all of Dreamscape's Hazel O'Connor Collective/'Re-Joyce' news here.

Re-Joyce: Released Monday 6th December 1 December, 2010
'Re-Joyce (In The Bleak Midwinter)' is released next Monday.

Here is a message from 'The Hazel O'Connor Collective' fundraising Christmas single Facebook group:

The Hazel O'Connor Collective's fundraising Christmas single is due to be released in 6 days. It is imperative that it is purchased between Monday 6th December and Sunday 12th December to give it the best chance of a chart entry by avoiding a clash with the X-Factor single which is due to be released the following week.

The 'Re-Joyce' single will be available to buy from most major record stores and download sites. On the release date (6th December) there will be an interview with Hazel O'Connor plus the first national television airing of 'Re-Joyce' on ITV1's 'Daybreak' at around 8am (subject to change) and also the single will be played on ITV's 'Central Tonight' (Midlands) between 6pm and 6.30pm on the same day.

Please show your generosity and support by purchasing a few copies if you are able. It is an excellent Christmas single as I'm sure those of you fortunate enough to have already heard it will agree, and for a most worthy cause. Proceeds from the single will be going to Myton Hospice in Coventry where Hazel's mum (Joyce) has received care and treatment for cancer.

• View further info on the release of 'Re-Joyce (In The Bleak Midwinter)', download info, and how to help the single chart at Facebook groups, here and here. It is absolutely crucial that the single is purchased (CD or digital download) between Monday 6th December and Sunday 12th

Hazel Collective/Re-Joyce: Launch Gig Photos 1 December, 2010
View a great collection of photos, from the Hazel O'Connor Collective/'Re-Joyce' single launch gig in Leamington Spa on 16th November, at the Hazel fansite 'Will You', here or by clicking below.

• More excellent photos from the gig: View Loz Moore's, here, and John Coles', here. View all of Dreamscape's Hazel O'Connor Collective/'Re-Joyce' news here [ Thanks to Stephen Bennett ]

Hazel Collective/Re-Joyce on TV 1 December, 2010
Daybreak : ITV1 - Monday 6th December : 6.00 - 9.00am
ITV Daybreak covering the official release of 'Re-Joyce (In The Bleak Midwinter)'. (May not air in all regions).

Central Tonight : ITV1 - Monday 6th December : 6.00pm
The story behind Re-Joyce with interviews with the participants and also Joyce herself. There will be clips of the video, the Leamington Assembly gig, and a look at the work of Myton Hospice. (Airing in the ITV Central region)
Re-Joyce @ The Assembly 23 November, 2010
Check out the Official Hazel O'Connor website, here, for a great report on The Hazel O'Connor Collective Single Launch at the Assembly Rooms, Leamington Spa last Tuesday.

This includes photos of Toyah, Hazel, Joyce, Vince Hill and Tammy Wynette's trailer(!!)

A preview audio clip of 'Re-Joyce (In The Bleak Midwinter)' will be available to listen to at the Official Toyah website soon.
Leamington Observer: Myton Hospice Single 22 November, 2010
Myton Hospice Single Backed By Music Stars

A Christmas single produced in aid of Myton Hospice was launched at the Assembly in Leamington on Tuesday night (November 16).

A host of music stars, led by Coventry-born singer songwriter Hazel O'Connor, have come together to record Re-Joyce (In The Bleak Midwinter).

O’Connor - who decided to record the fund-raising single after her mother Joyce spent a spell in Myton Hospice as a respite patient - recruited the likes of Toyah Willcox, T’Pau’s Carol Decker, 60s star Vince Hill, Selector frontwoman Pauline Black, Beat singer Ranking Roger and Specials singer Neville Staple to contribute.

The launch party included a performance of the single by O’Connor and the other contributors to the record.

The single will be released on December 6 with 90 per cent of proceeds going to Myton Hospice and ten per cent to Help The Hospices.

• Read the full report at the 'Leamington Observer' website,

Hazel Collective/Re-Joyce Newsy Bits & Pieces! 22 November, 2010
• 'Will You', the excellent Hazel O'Connor fansite continues to be updated with great info on 'Re-Joyce (In The Bleak Midwinter)'. Visit the Re-Joyce section at 'Will You' here.

• 'Re-Joyce (In The Bleak Midwinter)' is released on 6th December. Look out for footage from the recent Leamington Assembly launch on Daybreak on the morning of release.

• 'Coventry Telegraph' - Eighties icon Hazel O'Connor visits Coventry Market before charity single launch. View full report

• 'Times 24' - Hazel O'Connor Breaking Glass at The Horn in St Albans. Read the full report

• View all of Dreamscape's 'Re-Joyce (In The Bleak Midwinter)' news and updates at our 'Re-Joyce' section, here.

Re-Joyce (In The Bleak Midwinter): The Toyah Mix 02 November, 2010
In addition to the main single version, solo mixes of ' Re-Joyce (In The Bleak Midwinter)' by certain contributing artists will also be available to purchase, including 'The Toyah Mix' solo version with backing vocals in places from the 'Collective'. View further details at Toyah's official website, here.

• Check out all of Dreamscape's Re-Joyce/The Hazel O'Connor Collective news, here.

Coventry Observer: O'Connor Christmas Single 02 November, 2010
O'Connor to release Myton Hospice Christmas single

Hazel O'Connor has joined forces with a host of other music stars to record a Christmas single in aid of Myton Hospice.

The Coventry-born singer songwriter was inspired to record Re-Joyce (In The Bleak Midwinter) after her mother spent a spell in Myton Hospice as a respite patient. O'Connor has recruited the likes of Toyah Wilcox, Carol Decker, Vince Hill, Pauline Black, Ranking Roger, and Neville Staple to contribute to the track, which was written by O'Connor in tribute to her mother, Joyce.

• Read the full article at the 'Coventry Observer' website,
Will You: Hazel Collective/Re-Joyce Page 02 November, 2010
The fantastic Hazel O'Connor fansite, 'Will You', has a page dedicated to all things "The Hazel O'Connor Collective/Re-Joyce". Full of great info.

• Visit 'Will You',
Myton Hospice: Stars Launch Charity Single 02 November, 2010
Coventry-born singer-songwriter Hazel O’Connor has recorded a charity single for us.

She will perform Re-Joyce (In the Bleak Midwinter) at a special Launch Party in Leamington on November 16th.

She will be joined by fellow contributors Toyah Willcox, Carol Decker, Vince Hill, Pauline Black, Ranking Roger, Neville Staple, The Bluja Project, The Subterraneans and Bob Brolly MBE, who will also compere the evening.

These renowned singing stars have all collaborated with Hazel on this haunting and uplifting Christmas single to raise money for us.

• Read the full article at the 'Myton Hospice' website,
Coventry Telegraph: Leamington Debuts Charity Single 02 November, 2010
Leamington debuts Myton Hospice's Christmas charity single

A team of generous singers has produced a charity Christmas single for the Myton Hospices.

The track is called Re-Joyce, after Coventry-born singer-songwriter Hazel O’Connor’s mother - who received respite care in the hospice.

Hazel will perform her track at a special launch party at The Assembly, in Spencer Street, Leamington, on November 16.

Re-Joyce will be released on December 6, with any money raised going to the hospice, and a small proportion going to Help For Heroes.

• Read the full article at the 'Coventry Telegraph' website,
Toyah Live 2010/11: New Gigs/Appearances Confirmed 28 October, 2010
A number of new Toyah gigs and appearances for the remainder of 2010 and into 2011 have been officially confirmed.

Tuesday 16th November 2010
The Hazel O'Connor Collective Single Launch Gig
Assembly Rooms, Leamington Spa
Tel: 01926 523001 [ [

Saturday 20th November 2010
Live PA: Nightingales, Birmingham
Tel: 0121 622 1718 [ ]

Saturday 29th January 2011
Live PA: The Kremlin, Belfast
Tel: 028 9031 6061 [ ]

Sunday 20th March 2011 | Full Band: The Cavern Club, Liverpool
Tel: 0151 236 1965 [ ]

Sunday 23rd October 2011 | Full Band: Jack Rabbit Slims, Hoylake, Wirral
Tel: 0151 632 7545
[ ]
Coventry Telegraph: Time To 'Re-Joyce' In A Good Cause 21 October, 2010
A new article by the 'Coventry Telegraph' on the forthcoming Christmas single by The Hazel O'Connor Collective.

On Tuesday, November 16, The Hazel O’Connor Collective will launch ‘Re-Joyce’ a song that is a sure fire box ticker in every way.

It’s superbly poignant (and you can’t say that about many Christmas singles), celebrating as it does the gift of life. Proceeds from the sales will raise money for Coventry Myton Hospice, and to top it off, it’s packed to the rafters with top names.

Featured artists include: Hazel O’Connor, Toyah Willcox, Carol Decker, Pauline Black, Ranking Roger, Vince Hill, Moya Brennan, Neville Staple, Kid Creole, Bob Brolly, The Subterraneans and others. It’s produced by Grammy Award winning producer Roger Lomas.

I had the pleasure to be in the studio as it was being recorded, it’s one of those songs that doesn’t come around too often, superbly produced by Roger Lomas,

“All of the participating artists were an absolute joy to work with.” reveals Roger,”

• View the full article at the 'Coventry Telegraph' website,
The Hazel O'Connor Collective: Re-Joyce 20 October, 2010
The Hazel O'Connor Collective... Christmas Single Launch Party
RE-JOYCE (IN THE BLEAK MID-WINTER) | Released 6th December 2010

Performances by; Hazel O'Connor, Toyah, Carol Decker, Pauline Black, Ranking Roger, Vince Hill, Neville Staple, The Subterraneans, The Bluja Project and Bob Brolly MBE.

The Assembly, Spencer Street, Leamington Spa CV31 3NF | Box Office No. 01926 523001
Tickets also available online from and in person from Myton Hospice (Warwick) and Coventry Market.

• More info at Hazel O'Connor's Facebook, here. [ Thanks to Stephen Bennett ]

Download The Hazel O'Connor Collective Single Mix of 'Re-Joyce' at iTunes
Download the Toyah Mix of 'Re-Joyce' at iTunes
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