REBEL RUN: One of my favourite singles by anyone, ever! I've listened to this track SO many times, but can never hear it enough. As with all of the tracks on Love Is The Law (my favourite Toyah album), the production and Toyah's vocals and lyrics are flawless.

BRAVE NEW WORLD: When I was 14, this introduced me to Toyah for the first time when the amazing video came on VH1. I then found the 7", complete with amazing cover artwork, in a local secondhand record shop. I had found my musical home. I still think that this is, and always will be, the best video ever made.

HAUNTED: A classic b-side and one of my favourite Toyah releases. Very similar to how I write my own material.

VOODOO DOLL: Another b-side! What is it with amazing Toyah b-sides? You can imagine my excitement when this was included in The Changeling Resurrection 2012 setlist.

IEYA 1982: Based on my own experience, I can see why going back to a track and changing the vocals and style slightly can be a good thing. Here, it works perfectly - Ieya 1982 should have been another huge Top 40 hit for Toyah! Apparently, at the time, it was almost impossible to find a copy, but fans managed to get it into the charts anyway.

THUNDER IN THE MOUNTAINS: Amazing! Another classic video. The track fills me with excitement!

BE PROUD BE LOUD (BE HEARD): Every time I hear this I feel like spinning! This is surely a huge gay anthem!!

REVIVE THE WORLD: In my opinion, an often overlooked brilliant Toyah song. Should be included in a show sometime.

WE ARE: I agree with Toyah that this track would have propelled the band to an even greater height if released as a single. Amazing!!

BROKEN DIAMONDS: Some Toyah tracks have "another world" quality and this is one of them. I love it.

BIRD IN FLIGHT: It has been amazing seeing this track performed live on both of the tours I have supported. Toyah span round in circles during this song on From Sheep Farming To Anthem 2011 tour, and every time I hear it now, I think of that moment.

LOVE IS THE LAW: I love the lyrics and the full sound of this song.

ECHO BEACH: Toyah's version of this classic track is so danceable and never fails to get me pressing the repeat button.

TIME IS OURS: A gothic and beautiful song. As good as any Siouxsie & The Banshees single, and of a similar sound.

SWEET AGITATION: All the time giving advice is a lyric that stayed with me, as so many people were trying to advise me on what I should be doing with my career at the time that this track was released.

COME: A perfect pop track from I. T. C. O. T. C. Q.

THE VOW: Such a touching and beautiful song, it has a tribal quality similar to The Riddle.

DESIRE (THE ACOUSTIC ALBUM VERSION): I really did enjoy The Acoustic Album. If ever I'm feeling stressed, this is the perfect antidote.

NEON WOMB: A classic track that really captures the feel of 70s London.

FRAGMENT POOL: Will always remind me of supporting The Humans at Bush Hall in 2011. The lyrics to the whole album are some of Toyah's best and most personal.

REMEMBER: Love Is The Law is an amazing album and this track is a stand out for me.

FALLEN: Will always remind me of spending the Summer of 2011 with my amazing friends Kate Way and Phil Marriott and various other lovely people at Club i in London. I met so many great people in 2011 and this song represents them.

MOONLIGHT DANCING: So surprised this wasn't a huge hit! I love this track and it is one of my favourite Toyah solo singles.

BAD MAN: This song has a really spiritual feel and, as with many of Toyah's other songs, it evokes a lot of images and feelings in me.

I BELIEVE IN FATHER CHRISTMAS: One of the best versions of a Christmas song ever. The memorable TV performance is one of Toyah's most iconic moments.

Love Is The Law
Warrior Rock: Toyah On Tour
In The Court Of The Crimson Queen
Sugar Rush (The Humans)
The Acoustic Album

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