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Toyah Art by Alison T Bond

November 1st, 2014

A new Toyah artwork, by Alison T Bond, based on the iconic ‘Brave New World’. View the full version at Twitter. (© Alison T Bond)


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Q Magazine: Mock Birthday Toyah Covers

September 15th, 2013

The other three mock “Q Special Edition” Toyah magazine covers Andy designed for my birthday. Just amazing! One day perhaps something like this may really happen. Thanks again to Andy and I’d like to dedicate these to Lärwi, another great friend to me and this website (thanks for the pressie & card Lärwi x). Click below to view larger versions of these covers.


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Classic Toyah: Iconic Image Dolls

September 14th, 2013

It’s been a while since we posted about Andy’s awesome Toyah dolls, so to rectify that here are a couple of great recent photos of these uncanny creations. A collection of four classic Toyah images; Ieya/The Blue Meaning, Anthem, Brave New World/The Changeling, Be Proud Be Loud (Be Heard), plus a recreation of a 1980 photos session. Click below to view the original photos and visit Andy’s Instagram.


Q Magazine: Mock Birthday Toyah Cover

September 14th, 2013

I had to share this with Dreamscape’s visitors – The only way this could be better is if it was a real magazine. Andy Westhorpe has designed a collection of mock “Q Special Edition” Toyah magazine covers for my birthday this weekend, using iconic Toyah photos, and I think they are utterly fantastic. So thoughtful of Andy to take the time to do this but he has always been a great friend to me and this website. I’ll add the other three covers tomorrow. Click below to view a larger version.


Love Is The Law & More: Boxing Clever!

June 16th, 2013

We’re counting down to the Love Is The Law & More Tour with sporadic LITL related bits and pieces… so here’s another one. View a larger version of this here. Visit Dreamscape’s year-long feature Remember 1983 for lots more LITL/1983 Toyahness.

The (Virtual) Toyah 80s Gallery

June 12th, 2013

Welcome to the Toyah 80s Gallery. How good would it be if this was a real Toyah exhibition, showcasing her greatest imagery, music and video clips, information on the outfits, designers and photographers, etc? We can but (virtually) dream.

Stand Proud: An Imaginary Toyah Collection

March 17th, 2013

An imaginary Toyah collection, or a real Toyah playlist. You decide… Yes it’s been pointed out that the song the collection takes its name from isn’t included… Click to zoom!

Imaginary Toyah Singles: Final Update

March 11th, 2013

The final three covers for Imaginary Toyah Singles. I’ve had some great feedback about these and I’m glad some of you have liked them. The final three are ‘Dreamscape’ (from Love Is The Law), ‘Stand Proud’ (from the flexi that was included with the first 100,000 copies of Four More From Toyah) and ‘Angel in You’ (from In The Court Of The Crimson Queen). View full size versions of these and many others by clicking below.

Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces!

March 6th, 2013

Every little thing that you say or do… I couldn’t resist giving yesterday’s photo of Toyah as Madonna, circa Hung Up/Confessions On A Dancefloor, a bit of a makeover. Time goes by, so slowly! Click to zoom!

• Toyah has tweeted about the first night of Hormonal Housewives: “An exceptionally good First night. Great audience, great show. WOW! Loving it“. Toyah fan Jacqui Keeler saw the show last night in Bromley and loved it, saying Toyah is full of energy.

Hormonal Housewives second show is tonight at the Ipswich Regent Theatre.

PR Newswire: Toyah is mentioned (as a supporter of previous BUAV campaigns) in this press release today: Joanna Lumley, Twiggy, Jenny Seagrove, Chrissie Hynde and Kimberly Wyatt Join Cruelty Free International to Celebrate the End of Animal Cosmetics Testing in Europe

• Toyah fan Vanessa has named her gorgeous new goat after one of her favourite female singers. The newly christened Toyah not only now shares the same name but also has very similar looking Changeling horns too. (Thanks to Vanessa)

Imaginary Toyah Singles: Update #4

March 2nd, 2013

It’s the penultimate Imaginary Toyah Singles update. Four more covers that don’t, or ever did, exist, though luckily for us all the great songs are real: ‘Haunted’ (from The Vow 12″), ‘Baptised in Fire’ (from the Rebel Run 12″), ‘Heal Ourselves’ (from In The Court Of The Crimson Queen) and another cover for ‘Elocution Lesson’ (from Anthem). View full size versions of these and many others by clicking below. (Requested by Lee Jones, Shaun Meekins & Asher Meekins)

Imaginary Toyah Singles: Update #3

February 24th, 2013

A few more covers for Imaginary Toyah Singles: ‘Elocution Lesson’ (from Anthem), ‘She’ (from The Blue Meaning), ‘Street Addict’ (b-side of Thunder In The Mountains) and ‘Space Between The Sounds’ (from Minx). View full size versions of these and many others by clicking below.

In The Fairground: Arriving Soon

February 17th, 2013

The pre-launch publicity for In The Fairground is gathering pace… Seriously though, Andrew York’s new website, featuring fantastic art created from Toyah’s history of visual imagery, will be online soon. Thanks for all the great feedback so far. (Fun promo photos by Andrew)

In The Fairground | Andrew York’s Arternative Universe

February 15th, 2013

Coming soon to the Information Superhighway (ooooh I haven’t heard anyone call the internet that for years – retrotastic!) a shiny new Toyah-related website: IN THE FAIRGROUND | Andrew York’s Arternative Universe… Can anyone hear me out there?

Dreamscape Goes Anime: Toyah Manga

February 14th, 2013

I’ve always wanted to see a Manga-esque version of Toyah, Here’s my attempt.

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Imaginary Toyah Singles: Update #2

February 9th, 2013

The positive feedback for Imaginary Toyah Singles has been something of a surprise. I thought about doing it a while ago and then, like so many other things, promptly forgot about it again. I’m glad some of you are enjoying it. I’ve added another three: Voodoo Doll (especially for Lärwi); Martian Cowboy and Kiss The Devil.

Snow Covers The Kiss: Fan Advert

February 8th, 2013

I’ve had a few great comments about the “imaginary” single cover for Snow Covers The Kiss (a wonderful song from 1985) so I thought I’d share the “ad” for it too. Please click to zoom.

Imaginary Toyah Singles: Update

February 7th, 2013

Thanks to those of who you said they like the new feature. I’ve just updated with another four new, completely imaginary, single covers.

Imaginary Toyah Singles: A New Feature

February 6th, 2013

This new Dreamscape feature isn’t imaginary, but everything included in it is!!

I guess it’s just another way of creating something new and different with Toyah imagery, song titles and logos – all of which we are incredibly familiar with. I hope to add to this occasionally so it’s yet another work in progress, and if anyone has any suggestions for a song that they’d like included let me know.

Click below to view the new page, and here or to the left to view an imaginary advert for one of the imaginary singles; “I’ll Serve You Well”. 

Remember 1983: LITL: Are You Ready? + Opinion Wall

January 30th, 2013

We’re “Remembering ’83” etc… Another little something I threw together recently while playing ‘Love Is The Law’. I say this about all of Toyah’s albums (and images and everything else) but it truly is underrated. I’m also doing another “Opinion Wall”, along the lines of last year’s for The Changeling website. I’ve already had some great responses from fans at Facebook, and if you would also like your opinions/memories of this great album included send them to me. The “wall” will be added to Dreamscape nearer to the 30th anniversary of the album’s release.

Sensational: Available Now!

January 24th, 2013

It’s become a tradition over the years for Dreamscape to put together an “ad” for Toyah’s latest release… So, here’s one for ‘Sensational’. Available at iTunes, Amazon etc… Click here to view a larger version and below to watch the video at You Tube.

Rather than celebrating the fact that almost 40 years into her career Toyah is still making music, releasing videos and imagery, entertaining her fans (is there anybody else from the New Wave era that is still so busy and visible that a news website about them can be updated almost every day?) and much more, there seems to be even more negativity swirling around than usual, especially regarding the video for ‘Sensational’. Check out the video on You Tube for Toyah’s feelings on the matter!

Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces!

January 5th, 2013

• Great Toyah art for 2013 by Colin Dewhurst. Click on the photo to view a larger version. (Thanks again to Colin)

• Toyah @ Twitter: “I’m lovin 2013 already! Phone ringing off the hook…..busy busy bee! Very interesting projects in the offering“, “Crazy day: dealing with 4 national publications, put chapter in Jarman book 2 bed“.

The Guardian: Why we should all mourn the loss of Gaydar Radio: Toyah is mentioned in this article on the demise of ‘Gaydar Radio’: …or hearing Phil, the evening presenter, confess that he’s been to his 7,000th Toyah Willcox concert.

Doctor Who Online : A comprehensive review of The Legacy Collection, (which includes Toyah in More Than Than 30 Years In The TARDIS), the DVD box set just about to be released worldwide.

Daily Mail: Toyah was the subject of one of the questions in the Mail’s Christmas quiz, Mike Read’s Poptastic Puzzlers.

Sensational: As well as airing all over the tellybox, the Weight Watchers’ ad featuring Patsy Kensit and Toyah’s ‘Sensational’ is also on the radio. (Thanks to Michael & Sharon)

This is Kent: A Feast of Pantomimes: Christmas may seem a lifetime away now, but the festive spirit continues into the new year with a feast of pantomimes. The Marlowe Theatre’s spectacular pantomime Sleeping Beauty, starring pop idol Gareth Gates, punk singer Toyah Willcox and Margate born comedian Lloyd Hollett runs until January 20.

This is Kent: Pupils Pepper Panto Stars with Questions: Theatre group the Marlowe Spotlighters cast a critical eye over this year’s pantomime, Sleeping Beauty, after interviewing the stars of the show.